Best Air Freshener For Litter Box Area

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Your cats are members of your family. However, their litter boxes can be hard to handle sometimes. It takes some effort to prevent the odor from your cat’s litter box from taking over your home.

However, with the right products and cleaning schedule, it is easy to maintain a clean litter box and home. When the litter box is in good condition, both your cats and your family will be happier.

Cat Litter Deodorizer Types

There are different types of cat litter box air fresheners that you can choose from. The four primary options include:

  • Powder, which is easy to use and mix into your cat’s litter
  • Granules, which tend to be highly absorbent
  • Beads, which have no tracking or dust
  • Sprays, which provide the best application control

Best Air Freshener for Cat Litter

Litter Box Air Freshener Main IngredientSizeNatural
#1. MOSO Natural Odor Eliminator
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Bamboo Charcoal200 GramsYes
#2. NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer

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Zeolite16 OuncesYes
#3. Arm and Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer

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Baking Soda30 OuncesNo
#4. Nature's Miracle Litter Box Odor Destroyer

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Proprietary Odor Control Formula24 Fluid OuncesYes
#5.. Citrus Magic Litter Box Odor Eliminator

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Borax11.2 OuncesYes

Quick Tips for Controlling Litter Box Odors

In addition to the right cat litter air freshener, there are a few other things that you can do to ensure that your cat’s litter box does not make your house smell foul. These are all simple and things that you can do in just a few minutes a week.

Experiment with Boxes and Types of Litter

It is important that your litter and litter box do what they can to control odors in your home. Choose unscented litters that absorb well so that they lock in urine and feces odors.

There are litter boxes that have domes or lids. These helps to keep unpleasant odors in place so that they do not permeate throughout your home.

Clean the Litter Box Regularly

You should be scooping your cat’s litter box on a regular basis. When there are no feces or obvious areas of urine in the box, there is nothing there to produce a foul odor. Then, at least twice a week, you should empty the box, wash it out and add fresh litter.

Place Your Litter Box in the Right Area

You want to put your litter box in an area where people do not spend a lot of time. For example, in a basement or another room where people are not often present. Just make sure that it is easy for your cat to access.

You should also make sure that the area has good ventilation and does not get too humid or hot. This will prevent any odors that do exist from getting too strong.

Use an Air Freshener

The right air freshener is one of the fastest ways to ensure that your cat’s litter box smells clean. These products can also do things like absorb some moisture to make it easier to keep the litter box ready for use.

Considerations When Using an Air Freshener

There are a few things to think about to get the most out of the air freshener that you choose, including:

  • Make sure that your air freshener can handle multiple cats if you have more than one
  • If you have several boxes, pick up a product that lets you use less so that it remains cost effective
  • Ensure proper ventilation in the litter box area
  • Make sure that your air freshener is compatible with the litter that you use
  • If your cat or any humans in the home have sensitivities, make sure that the ingredients are safe for your home

The Top Air Fresheners for Cat Litter

Now that you know more about how to keep your cat’s litter box smelling as clean as possible, it is time to choose the air freshener to help you with this. There are several options to choose from, so learning the facts can make it easier to ensure that you pick the right one.

#1. MOSO Natural Odor Eliminator

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The MOSO Natural Odor Eliminator works to absorb odors and moisture. This means that the scents coming from your cat’s litter box are not just temporarily masked.

Notable Features

  • It comes in a pouch
  • The main ingredient is highly absorbent

All of the ingredients in this product are non-toxic. There are no chemicals or fragrances to cause discomfort to your cats or anyone in your home.

This product is reusable, making it an environmentally friendly option. You can use this odor eliminator for as long as two years. About once a month, let it sit in the sun for approximately one hour to renew it and have it ready for use again.

To use it, just place it in your cat’s box. In addition to fighting odors, it also helps to prevent the growth of mildew, mold and bacteria.

#2. NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer

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The NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer uses a zeolite that is scientifically developed to neutralize odors. This means that there are no smells coming from the box since it does not just mask them.

Notable Features

  • It does not have any added fragrance
  • There are no chemical additives

This formula is professional grade at four times concentration. Because of this, it is able to work on the strongest of litter box odors. It will work to neutralize the odors associated with both feces and urine (from male and female cats).

Since there are no harmful chemicals or strong fragrances, it is safe for use around your pets and children. No over-powering scents will make your cat avoid their litter box either.

To use it, you just sprinkle it onto your cat’s litter. Once you dispense the proper amount, just mix it quickly and it starts going to work to neutralize odors.

#3. Arm and Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer

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The Arm and Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer uses special technology that causes the ingredients to activate when your cat gets into their litter box. This ensures that it is tackling new and old odors on regular basis.

Notable Features

  • You can use it for all cat litter types
  • It contains baking soda for absorbency

You can use this product for homes that have multiple cats. It is activated by moisture, so when your cat urinates, it starts working to control the associated odor.

Your cat’s feces will not stick to the floor of the litter box. This product also does not cause any clumping to occur.

The opening on this product is big enough to get a solid sprinkling of product. However, it is not so big that large amounts of product come out at a time. This makes it easy to measure out how much you are putting into your cat’s litter box.

#4. Nature’s Miracle Litter Box Odor Destroyer

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Nature’s Miracle Litter Box Odor Destroyer is a spray-on product. This makes it easy to put down an even layer of the product onto your cat’s litter.

Notable Features

  • It has natural ingredients
  • There is no scent

This unscented spray will not deter your cat with odd smells. Not only can you use it on your cat’s litter, but it also helps with airborne odors to create cleaner air overall. It is also a good choice for eliminating cat odors on hard surfaces and fabric items.

When you spray this product, it does not cause the cat litter to clump. This ensures that the litter box remains easy to clean.

As soon as you spray this onto the cat litter, odors are eliminated on contact. Due to the ingredients in this product, you can use it safely around your pets and any children in your home.

#5. Citrus Magic Litter Box Odor Eliminator

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Citrus Magic Litter Box Odor Eliminator works with all types of cat litter, allowing you to keep using the litter that your cat prefers. It is also ideal for all types of litter boxes.

Notable Features

  • It has a linen scent
  • The ingredients are natural

This litter box deodorizer is a good choice for homes with one or multiple cats. It is able to control odors over the long-term, allowing you to use less product while it provides continuous odor control.

The bottle is easy to hold onto with just one hand. It has a shaker feature that makes it easy to sprinkle the product evenly on your cat’s litter.

This product does not cover up cat litter odor. Instead, it works to neutralize them so that the odors are gone. It is also absorbent, helping to keep your cat’s litter dry too.


Air fresheners for cat litter boxes are easy to use. They are a simple and inexpensive way to help to keep your litter box smelling fresher so that your entire home has a cleaner smell and feel. Just make sure that you use them regularly and follow the directions exactly to get the most out of these products.

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