Best Air Freshener for Dog Smell

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Cleaning up after pets can be an arduous task. Dogs in particular have a distinctive smell that can easily permeate everything. Dog smell can cling to the hair on the furniture, and odors become even stronger if your dog pees or poops inside the house. An air freshener is a good idea to take care of smell in a pinch. With that said, you should try to pair an air freshener with a deodorizing cleaner so that you aren’t just covering up the scent.

One important thing to note is that veterinarians say you should avoid aerosol sprays and products with heavy chemicals. There are also certain essential oils that can be toxic to dogs and other animals you may have at home. For this reason, it’s better to lean toward odor neutralizing bags than sprays. If you do purchase sprays, they should be formulated to spot clean pet messes rather than be sprayed into the air around your home.

The Best Air Fresheners for Dog Smell

ProductType of Air FreshenerHow It WorksLongevity
#1. Moso Natural
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Air purifying bagActivated charcoal absorbs odors in the airReusable
#2. VentiFresh

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Mini air purifierProcesses air through the photocatalyst coreReusable, no replacement parts necessary, maintenance free
#3. One Fur All

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Odor eliminating scented candleReleases odor neutralizing compound into the airUp to 60 hours of burn time, reusable glass jar

#1. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

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This air purifying bag is the best overall odor eliminator for dog smell and other pet scents. You can purchase it in three colors: natural, charcoal, and green. You can also choose whether to buy a one-pack, three-pack, or five-pack. Each of the bags can eliminate odors in a surrounding area of up to 90 square feet.

The activated charcoal bags work by absorbing odors in the surrounding air. The odor eliminator is made exclusively out of activated bamboo charcoal. There aren’t any chemicals, fragrances, or toxic elements. Since the bag removes odor-causing particles from the air, it eliminates odors instead of covering them up. The lack of artificial scent means that pets and humans alike are safe from potentially damaging residue.

The bags can also promote overall health in the home by absorbing excess moisture. A lack of excess moisture in the air means that bacteria, mildew, and mold have a much harder time growing. Harmful pollutants and allergens are also absorbed.

You can reuse each bag for up to two years. Once each month, put the bag outside in sunshine to rejuvenate it. When the bag’s lifespan is up, it can be recycled into soil.

#2. VentiFresh Odor Neutralizer

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This is one of the most compact and technologically advanced air purifiers on the market. It’s a great option for any area that tends to accumulate a lot of dog smell. Since the purifier doesn’t use filters, you never need to worry about maintenance or buying replacement parts. The purifier uses some of the same technology that is utilized on the International Space Station.

Rather than using a battery, the air purifier runs with a flat USB power cable. If you place it in an enclosed container, you can move the specialized cable through the gaps. You can either use a power bank for short-term use or plug it into a USB port continuously.

The product has passed a Photobiological Safety Testing component and received a safety certification. You can use it around your family members and dogs. There aren’t any harmful chemicals or potential byproducts. In addition, the energy consumption can reach lows of only 3 watts per hour, meaning that the monthly cost of consistent operation is under 50 cents.

The overall design makes it easy to install. There’s a built-in magnet that allows it to adhere to metal surfaces. In addition, you can use the included Gel Pad accessory to stick the purifier harmlessly to non-metal surfaces. Installation only takes a few seconds, and there’s no further maintenance required. A built-in sensor turns the device off in the dark and has it automatically turn on in the light.

#3. One Fur All Natural Soy Wax Candle

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Many scented candles aren’t recommended for use by veterinarians because they can release potentially harmful chemicals into the air. But this candle is specifically formulated to eliminate pet odors safely. There are twenty different fragrances to choose from, and each candle offers up to sixty total hours of burn time.

In addition to releasing pleasant scents into the air, the candle uses an odor neutralizing component to remove existing dog smell from the air. Every candle is made entirely from natural soy wax and a cotton wick. It has no dyes or paraffins, allowing for cleaner burning.

The manufacturer offers a complete satisfaction guarantee. Should you have any issues with the candle, you can get your money back. Each candle is made in the United States. When the candle itself has burned away, you can reuse the jar for any purpose you want.

Final Thoughts

The best air freshener for you will vary depending on the type of dog you have, the source of the smell, and the level of smell. Air purifying bags containing charcoal are a natural option that will work for most situations. Veterinarians recommend avoiding scented plug-ins and aerosol sprays because of the potential of exposing pets to toxic chemicals.

The Moso Natural bag is the best overall option for reducing dog odors. If you want a technologically advanced air purifier, the VentiFresh uses the same kind of tech that works at the International Space Station. The Pet House candle is ideal if you want a variety of soothing scents to choose from as you eliminate dog smell.

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