Best Air Purifier For Allergies And Asthma Sufferers

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Having allergies can make you feel like you’re suffering and drained all the time, especially if you have asthma on top of that. When you’re at home or at the office, one thing that might help is an air purifier. Look for purifiers with HEPA filtration systems, since these are the gold standard of allergen reduction.

We have some options to get you started.

The Best Air Purifiers for Allergy Sufferers

FeatureAmount of Space CoveredHEPA FilterNumber of Circulations Per Hour
#1. Honeywell
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465 square feetYes5
#2. RabbitAir

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700 square feet or 350 square feetYes2 or 4
#3. Germ Guardian

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180 square feetYes4

#1. Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover

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The Honeywell air purifier makes the list for a number of reasons. First of all, the Honeywell brand is most highly recommended by allergists in the United States for ideal air purifiers. Secondly, the design makes use of a HEPA filtration system. Thirdly, the purifier is recommended for extra large rooms and living spaces, able to clear up to 465 square feet surrounding it.

If you have an open floor plan, a large office, a spacious bedroom, or simply want one of the most efficient air purifiers on the market, this is the first place to go. The HEPA filtration system captures at least 99.97 percent of the particles in the air, trapping them inside the filter and keeping them from being released back into the air.

The air purifier comes with three air cleaning levels, which is fairly standard for the industry. With the lowest level, you conserve energy; with the highest level, you maximize the speed at which the air around you is purified. But the Honeywell is built with an additional layer: Turbo Clean. If you desperately need to clean the air around you right away, the Turbo Clean setting will get it done.

Allergy sufferers will be relieved to know that the particles captured by the filter include everything from large strands of hair to microscopic bits of mold and germs. The filter can capture the germs that cause certain viruses and bacterial infections, and the purifier also helps reduce odors by removing the particles causing the smell.

Honeywell is known for creating air purifiers that specifically cater to the needs of allergy sufferers. The main goal of this purifier is to remove odors, dust, and allergens. Even if you have an indoor pet who’s constantly shedding, the Honeywell filtration system can help.

The biggest reason that Honeywell is so highly recommended by allergists is that it’s unrivaled in its air circulation. Each of the purifiers is capable of circulating and filtering air in a 465 square foot space up to five times per hour. To break that down, the system can purify a 465 square foot room in just twelve minutes. You won’t find another air purifier that works so efficiently and consistently.

When the HEPA filter does eventually need replacing, Honeywell offers replacement filters for the air purifiers. You shouldn’t need to replace the HEPA filter for several months, though, unless your air quality is truly awful.

#2. Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

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This is the most expensive option on the list by far. There are good reasons for the price. If you want a versatile option that covers a truly mindboggling amount of space, this is the best place to look. However, if you don’t have rooms larger than 465 feet to purify, you’ll probably break the bank less and experience similar results with the Honeywell.

The HEPA filtration system is more advanced than the majority of other HEPA filters on the market. Rather than just having three stages of purification, the filtration system in this model goes through six stages of deodorization and purification. There’s also a customized filter that removes odors from cigarettes, mildew, cooking, and pets, making this a highly ideal option for anyone with allergies.

You can either stand the purifier by itself on the floor or mount it on the wall. On its regular setting, the purifier can purify the air of up to 700 surrounding square feet twice in an hour. It takes just thirty minutes to clear the space. That level of coverage is unmatched in the air purifier industry. Most people don’t need coverage that intense, but if you intend to host any get-togethers with multiple allergy sufferers, you’ll be grateful for it.

There’s another setting made specifically for allergy sufferers. If your allergies are bad — if, for example, your dog is sitting in the same room with you and shedding everywhere — you can halve the area of efficacy to 350 square feet. In return, the filtration system will start circulating through the air once every fifteen minutes instead of every half hour.

That’s not the only reason this is the most versatile air purifier on the market. You can customize your filter to suit your needs. The options include a germ defense filter that traps mold spores and viruses and bacteria, a pet allergy filter that traps pet allergens and dander, a toxin absorber filter that traps chemicals and pollutants, and an odor remover filter.

The HEPA filter goes beyond the standard definition of HEPA filtration. In addition to meeting the 99.97 percent filtration requirements, the design reduces allergen buildup, keeps allergens from getting dangerously built up on the filter, reduces growth of viruses and bacteria, and improves the filter’s lifespan.

After going through the pre-filtration, the medium filter, the HEPA filter, and your customized filter, the remaining particles sift through an activated charcoal filter that neutralizes any remaining odors that might exist.

#3. Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier

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If you’re looking for a more affordable and budget-friendly air purifier option, Guardian Technologies has you covered with the Germ Guardian. It’s available at a fraction of the price of the RabbitAir, but it performs many of the same functions well enough to ease your allergies.

The three-stage HEPA filter gets rid of the majority of allergens and other pollutants. There’s also a UV-C light built into the machine, which kills bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microorganisms that might spread infection. The light also works in tandem with titanium dioxide to reduce the number of volatile organic compounds in the air.

The pre-filter traps large particles like pet hair, dust, and pollen. This allows the HEPA filter to avoid being inundated with large debris, which extends its overall lifespan. After the HEPA filter, the remaining particles go through an activated charcoal filter that reduces or eliminates any remaining odors. No more dealing with fumes from cooking, smoke, pets, or chemical fumes.

There are three speed settings, and the filter operates quietly enough for you to sleep in peace. The filter can purify the air in a 180 square foot room once every fifteen minutes.

Final Thoughts

All three of the purifiers on the list use an advanced HEPA filtration system. When you’re looking for an air purifier that can help with your allergies, a HEPA filter should be the first item on the list. These filters can remove 99.97 percent of the allergy-causing particulates from the air around you.

The gold standard of allergen removers is the Honeywell. Since it can purify up to 465 square feet, it can comfortably clean nearly any room you’re in. It’s optimized best for medium to large sized rooms. The three air cleaning levels and Turbo Clean setting let you choose when to prioritize efficiency versus energy consumption.

In addition, the air can circulate up to five times per hour, meaning that all the air in the room is purified every twelve minutes. That’s an incredible turnover rate that beats out all of the competition.

For a more versatile air purifier experience, though, you want the RabbitAir. The RabbitAir can be optimized to suit your unique needs. For allergy sufferers, there’s a setting that can purify 350 square feet four times an hour. That’s nearly the same level of unbelievable efficiency as the Honeywell. And on top of that, you can also configure the settings to purify 700 square feet of air twice per hour, allowing you to double your reach.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a more affordable option for smaller rooms, the Germ Guardian is the way to go. On top of the HEPA filter, it includes a UV-C light to kill germs, a pre-filter to trap large particles, an activated charcoal filter to reduce odors, and an overall quiet operation. Because it only purifies 180 square feet, it won’t work well for large rooms, but it’s a great option for smaller offices and living spaces.

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