Best Air Purifier for Bird Owners

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Bird owners have to face a special kind of ordeal when it comes to pet dander. In comparison to dogs and cats, birds get more of their dander everywhere, and it can be just as irritating as dog or cat dander. Meanwhile, many air purifiers don’t take birds into account when creating their pet filters. So what can you do?

Fortunately, there are some air purifiers that work well for homes with birds. We’ve made a list of our top three picks.

The Best Air Purifier For Bird Dander

FeatureAmount of Space CoveredHEPA FilterNumber of Circulations Per Hour
#1. Austin Air
Our Best Pick

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1500 square feetYes1
#2. Alen

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1100 square feetYes1
#3. Oransi

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600 square feetYes1

#1. Austin Air Pet Machine Purifier

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This is the most highly-rated and efficient air purifier on the market today. Rather than just having the capacity to clean one room, the purifier can handle an entire floor. With a maximum purification capacity of 1500 square feet, the design can purify the whole of many small to medium apartments and homes.

The design incorporates both HEPA filtration systems and carbon and zeolite filters. HEPA filters can all remove 99.97 percent of particles from the air, including bird dander and feather residue. If you’ve been experiencing allergies due to your bird’s molting, you’ll notice a difference almost immediately. In addition to reducing your sneezing, the machine also promotes sounder sleep.

In addition to removing bird dander, the machine removes other pet dander, pet odors, airborne dust, pollen, mold, fungi, mildew, and other potential allergens. It works well at eliminating any potential allergens that might compound your bird allergy or make the bird dander worse.

As the name implies, the Air Pet Machine is specifically designed for pets. Many machines like this are only optimized for cat and dog dander, but the Austin machine takes into account birds and small pets as well. In clinical trials, the product has been shown to lessen nighttime allergies and asthma attacks in asthma sufferers, and it also eases sneezing, wheezing, and coughing during the day.

Austin Air is best known for creating air purifiers powerful enough to clean up contaminants from wildfires and smoke. The company has almost thirty years of experience manufacturing and developing new and innovative air cleaners.

The design includes a centrifugal fan with a three-speed control. You can choose whether to keep the machine on low power to save energy, or high power to increase cleanliness. In addition to the HEPA certification of removing particles 0.3 microns in size, the filter is also proven 95 percent effective in removing particles 0.1 microns and smaller.

The additional motor included is mounted on specialized shock absorbers. It’s important to note that the motor is rated for continuous use with high rotations per minute, and it’s efficient enough not to wear down for a long time.

#2. AlenBreatheSmart Classic Large Room Air Purifier

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This is another one of the most efficient air purifiers on the market, able to clean nearly as much air as the previous entry. It has a maximum of 1100 square feet of space, meaning it can still clean the majority of a small home or moderately-sized apartment.

The BreatheSmart technology comes in many different subtypes. For those with allergies, the Allergies and Dust configuration is naturally the most fitting. However, if you’re working in an industrial area or around a lot of smoke, you might want to use the Smoke and Chemical configuration. Also available is the Mold and Bacteria configuration, good for damp environments where these things might thrive, and the Pet Dander and Odor configuration, good for pet owners with messy furry pals.

Unlike many other air purifiers on the market, the Alen purifier is available in ten colors. They range from neutral tones to pinks, purples, and blues. There’s a hue that can complement any interior aesthetic. If getting an air purifier with paneling that matches your decor is important to you, the Alen option comes out ahead.

When you purchase the Allergies and Dust configuration, you’ll get the classic air purifier with a HEPA filter optimized for removing pet dander, dust, and allergens. The design is made for open-concept rooms, family rooms, finished basements, and other large spaces that can reach 1100 square feet.

In addition to purifying the air, the product doubles as a white noise machine. It generates ambient levels of white, red, and pink noise to mask disruptive sounds from inside or outside. Sleeping is easier when you aren’t constantly waking up to interruptions.

Another notable point is that Alen offers a lifetime limited warranty on the purifier. While many purifiers of this industrial strength and quality have multi-year warranties, a full lifetime warranty is unprecedented. You can’t discount the value of having customer support or someone who can come fix the machine or replace parts when need be.

The HEPA PURE filter option is designed for allergy sufferers. It meets the basic HEPA standard of 99.97 percent of particles being removed, but it also adds additional layers. For individuals whose allergies are caused by dust mites, dust, pet hair, dander, or pollen, this is the best filter. It utilizes a pre-filter that traps large particles and a HEPA PURE filter that’s designed to trap more allergens than the competition.

#3. Oransi Max HEPA Air Purifier for Large Rooms

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If you just have a room or two to purify at a time, and you’re not trying to purify a giant open floor plan, the Oransi might be a better option. With 600 total square feet of coverage, this air purifier still covers the majority of rooms in any home or apartment. It can also be used to purify air in a basement.

The goal of the purifier is to help reduce asthma attacks, remove mold spores, reduce dust, remove pet dander, and reduce the number of allergens in the home. Testing has shown that using the purifier improved sleep quality in allergy sufferers. In a university study of air purifiers, Oransi’s ranked number one. Every Oransi purifier has been Energy Star certified and undergone extensive testing. This model is safe to use around sensitive pets and infants.

The air purifier is quieter than many of the other options that share a similar size, so it’s easy to sleep. You’ll wake up to a fresher, cleaner smelling home. Using the machine is simple. There’s no complicated setup or analysis required. All you have to do is plug it in and turn it on. The user interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible, and it’s easy to access the filter to change or replace it.

One thing that really sets this air purifier apart is that it uses smart technology. There’s an air quality monitor that continuously runs checks on the air quality. It adjusts the fan speed to the data, making sure that your air stays as clean as possible while using as little energy as possible. With most other models, you have to adjust speeds manually, and there’s no guarantee that you’re choosing the most efficient option.

Final Thoughts

All of these air purifiers are extremely high-quality machines that are built to remove pet dander across large areas. That includes bird dander.

The Austin Air filter option is designed specifically with pet owners in mind. It combines carbon and zeolite filters with a HEPA filtration system, reducing sneezing and promoting sounder sleep. It can also clean up to a whopping 1500 square feet, meaning that it can purify the entire interior of some houses and small to medium apartments.

The Alen purifier can also handle a massive amount of space, able to purify up to 1100 square feet. It has the HEPA filtration system you want, and it’s also available in ten different colors, so you can find an option that suits any interior aesthetic. In addition to purifying the air, the product generates soothing white noise to mask disruptive sounds. There’s also a lifetime limited warranty on the purifier, which is rare to find in the industry. If you purchase this option, you know you don’t have to worry about being stranded if something goes wrong.

The Oransi filter is designed for large rooms and can handle up to 600 square feet, which means it outperforms the majority of other air purifiers on the market. Though it won’t purify your entire apartment or house, it will purify a good chunk of an open floor plan. Every Oransi filter is Energy Star certified, and this design is safe to use around both pets and babies. The smart technology continually tests the air quality and adjusts the fan speed to match it, maximizing energy efficiency and cleanliness automatically so you don’t have to.

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