Best Air Purifier for Multiple Chemical Sensitivies (MCS)

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Over the past few decades, doctors have identified an increasing trend in illness and sensitivity among people all over the world. It’s directly related to the rising levels of chemicals and noxious fumes in the air we breathe. People who fall ill due to chemical exposure are said to have multiple chemical sensitivity, or MCS. Depending on the case, MCS can be anything from annoying to chronic and debilitating.

One of the first ways to combat MCS is by getting an air purifier. But many mainstream air purifiers don’t handle substances like gases and noxious fumes, which are too difficult to differentiate from air.

Fortunately, that’s not the case for every model. We have a few picks for options that can help.

The Best Air Purifiers for Chemical Sensitivity

FeatureNumber of Stages of FiltrationHEPA FilterWarranty
#1. Austin Air
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4Yes5 years
#2. IQAir

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4Yes10 years
#3. Hunter

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6Yes3 years

#1. Austin Air A250 HealthMate Plus Junior Air Purifier

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Austin Air is best known for making air purifiers and pioneering air purification technology that removes noxious chemicals from the air. The company’s air purifiers have been used by residential, commercial, industrial, and rescue teams alike. During the California wildfires, Austin Air’s technology was used to help clear the smoke and other chemical pollutants from populated areas.

The HealthMate Plus Junior purifier takes all of Austin Air’s chemical reduction technology and emphasizes it. The design is specialized to reduce airborne chemicals, noxious gases, formaldehyde, sub-micron particles, and VOCs for people who are in dangerously contaminated areas. Austin Air creates purifiers that intake air from 360 degrees surrounding. The air then moves through a four-step filtration process and is expelled cleanly back into the environment.

This has created the most comprehensive unit for individuals with chemical sensitivities. The available colors include midnight blue, sandstone, white, and black. Each purifier uses medical-grade technology that’s advanced enough to be employed in hospitals and clinic settings. In addition to the 360-degree intake perforation and four-stage filtering process, every unit includes a five year warranty.

The HealthMate is an ideal choice for people who need to efficiently remove dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde from their environment. It’s also good for people with pre-existing conditions, especially chemical sensitivities. In addition, individuals who are in areas that have high levels of gas and particle contamination can benefit.

The machine has been extensively researched and tested. As such, there have bee multiple documented and proven health benefits. People who use the air purifier report that they have less intense headaches and nausea related to chemicals. The immune system is also strengthened.

On top of that, the purifier conveys the typical health benefits you’ll see in most good air purifiers, including a reduction in dry mouths and runny noses, sounder sleep, a reduction in snoring, a reduction in nighttime asthma attacks and allergies, and an ease in a person’s coughing and sneezing and wheezing.

The HealthMate is made for small rooms that have contaminated indoor air. It can remove more than 99.9 percent of particles in the air, and it’s particularly optimized toward harmful chemicals. In addition, it filters bacteria and viruses.

The construction includes a three-speed centrifugal fan, so you can choose the efficiency you want. There’s also a high-efficiency motor that’s been rated for continuing use at high rotations-per-minute without wearing down. As for aesthetic, the baked-on powder coat finish gives the unit a metallic sheen. And where convenience is concerned, the built-in castors make it easy to roll the unit from place to place despite its weight.

#2. IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier

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This air purifier is a more heavy-duty and industrial-style unit than you’d typically find in a residential home. It’s significantly more expensive than the average air purifier priced for residential use. This is the type of product you want to look into if you’re buying new equipment for a hospital or medical clinic. The air purifier has been rated as the top performing option for helping people with multiple chemical sensitivities.

The purifier features four gas filter cartridges that utilize both alumina pellets infused with potassium permanganate and granulated carbon. These cartridges attack the particles that many other filters, even HEPA filters, leave behind. They can trap chemicals, odors, gases, and smoke. The system is able to filter out more than 99 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns and 95 percent of microscopic particles that get as small as 0.003 microns.

Many HEPA air purifiers aren’t effective against gases. Similarly, many gas purifiers aren’t effective at trapping particles. The IQAir model blends the best of each side into a singular, streamlined system. Included in the design is a gas controlling system more advanced than any other on the market. It has been proven to remove more chemicals than any other purifier on the market.

Another selling point is that the air filtration doesn’t generate unhealthy substances like ozone, chemicals, or ultraviolet radiation. And the construction of the unit itself has no off-gassing ABS plastics.

To put all of the technical specifications into more easily understandable terms, this single air purifier has the same chemical removing power as over 100 combined gas masks. Rather than using zeolite filters, the purifier uses alumina pellets to remove traces of formaldehyde from the surrounding air.

As proven air filtration goes, this medical-grade purifier provides quality that’s 100 times more effective than a HEPA purifier. This is also the only unit on the market that can filter particles down to sizes of 0.003 microns. Thanks to the triple-sealing technology, no unfiltered air escapes. The 320-degree diffuser also allows filtered air to flow in all directions from the purifier rather than spewing out one side.

#3. Hunter HT1701 HEPA+ Air Purifier

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This is a much more affordable air purifier option, costing just a fraction of the previous two on the list. It’s built for use in residential areas that are coping with high levels of chemical contamination. Though the price is relatively low, the overall construction is ideal. The design is made for individuals who want to filter chemicals better than current HEPA technology can, but who don’t want to bankrupt themselves to do it.

The Hunter purifier uses patented technology called HEPA+. In addition to having HEPA-grade filtration systems, there’s also a bamboo-charcoal system in place, along with a pre-filter made of viro-silver carbon. Unlike the previous two entries on the list, this air purifier is made to be small, compact, and portable. It’s designed to be moved from room to room as need be.

In addition to removing typical particulates like dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold, the Hunter purifier can also remove chemical substances that other filtration systems miss. It’s good at trapping smoke, germs, and various chemical particles that can get down to a size of just 300 nanometers.

The controls are easy to use, so it’s not hard to decide what filtration level is best for your circumstances. Different settings and configurations are available based on your needs. The goal of the Hunter air purifier is to ease your breathing, reduce allergens, capture germs, capture chemical pollutants, and reduce the dust and dander in your home.

The manufacturer recommends replacing the carbon filter every three months. The HEPA filter will need to be replaced annually.

Final Thoughts

Austin Air is the industry leader in air purification technology that can combat pollutants and chemicals in the air. This air purifier is just the most advanced manifestation of that. The four-stage filtration system is optimized to remove formaldehyde and other potentially dangerous chemicals from the air. There have been multiple scientifically proven health benefits that indicate this is the best choice for individuals with chemical sensitivities.

The IQAir purifier is a medical-grade option that’s significantly more expensive than most air purifiers on the market. It’s best optimized for individuals who are shopping for doctor’s offices, clinics, or hospital settings. With that said, it might also be useful for people who have serious medical conditions that they manage from home. This is the number one top rated purifier on the market for multiple chemical sensitivities, along with odors, gases, and smoke.

The Hunter air purifier is designed much more with individuals in mind. As such, it comes with a significantly more affordable price tag. But when you set it up in your home, you’ll notice a difference in the air quality within minutes. In addition to having an advanced HEPA filtration system that goes above and beyond normal HEPA standards, the purifier uses bamboo and activated charcoal to remove pollutants, a carbon pre-filter to sift out large particles, and silver nanoparticles to inhibit bacteria from growing on the outside of the filtration system.

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