Best Anti Allergen Sprays For Furniture and House

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If allergies make you suffer, one of the best things you can do is get an anti-allergen spray to use around the house. This especially goes for people with pets they’re allergic to. Pet dander gets everywhere, whether you confine your pet to one space or not. You’ll find it in the air, on your floors, in your bedding, and sometimes even in your food.

An allergen spray is a cleaning spray that helps to tackle the problems posed by allergens. Even if you don’t have a pet, this type of spray can be vital during the spring and summer. If pollen and other allergens give you hay fever when the buds start to bloom outside, you want your house to be a safe haven from the nose itching and eye watering.

The Best Anti-Allergen Sprays

FeatureVolumeNon-ToxicSafe for Carpeting
#1. Allersearch
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32 ouncesYesYes
#2. Nature’s Miracle

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32 ouncesYesYes
#3. Pledge

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9.7 ouncesNoNo

Different allergen sprays can serve different purposes. Some are made to be used as you clean to help you pull up more dust and dirt. Others are meant to soak into surfaces, neutralizing allergens and providing a layer of protection. Still others can be sprayed directly into the air and neutralize airborne allergens.

When you’re deciding on a spray, keep in mind its intended purpose and how it’s used. If you’re getting a spray that can protect your home against ongoing allergen threats, you should find out how often you need to retreat surfaces for maximum effectiveness. If you’re getting an airborne spray, you should make sure that the ingredients are safe for you and your family members to inhale.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of surface you’re spraying. Some sprays are only made for use on hard surfaces. Others can be used on softer surfaces like upholstery and carpeting. There are some sprays that are safe enough to be used in pet beds and on clothing, but you should always make sure they’re specifically designed for this.

If you have pets or young children, you might want to prioritize non-toxic sprays when choosing one for use in highly-trafficked areas. Always make sure you read the warning labels and comply with instructions for use.

#1. Allersearch ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray

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Allersearch is a company that creates anti-allergen products of varying types to help people suffering from allergies. The ADMS spray comes in a 32 ounce bottle that’s capable of treating up to 600 square feet at a time. Surfaces should be retreated every ninety days to get the optimum treatment benefit.

The inorganic spray works by using an oxidizing compound to destroy mildew, mold, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and other organic material immediately upon contact. Since the formula doesn’t have benzyl benzoate or tannic acid, it won’t stain any of your colors. You can use it on both white and off-white fabrics.

The spray is meant for use on hard surfaces, vehicle interiors, pet bedding, window curtains, upholstery, and carpeting. It’s safe for people, pets, and the larger environment. Since it’s so safe, it’s one of the most versatile sprays on the list.

To use the spray, just spray until the surface you want to treat is mildly damp. Leave the spray to dry for about three hours rather than wiping it away. This will kill the allergens on the surface and provide lasting protection. You should regularly retreat surfaces every ninety days, and if you have large amounts of allergens in your home, doing so every thirty days might be beneficial.

#2. Nature’s Miracle Allergen Blocker for Home Cleaning

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This is another one of the top allergen-fighting sprays on the market. Nature’s Miracle is a company that uses organic and natural ingredients to create a variety of different cleaning products. This particular formula was developed by allergists before being patented by the company.

Rather than just being a surface spray, this product works as both an air and surface spray. It controls surface-based and airborne inanimate particles that cause odors, allergic reactions, and general dust. This includes pet dander, making it a lifesaver for pet owners with allergies. The spray works by deactivating allergens in the air and on surfaces.

In addition to being safe to spray in the air, the allergen blocker can also be used on fabrics, clothes, upholstery, and carpeting. The active ingredients in the spray neutralize pet dander so they become deactivated allergen proteins. That means that even if you breathe them in, you won’t experience an allergic reaction.

You get a money-back guarantee with the purchase, so if it isn’t effective enough against your problem, you can receive a refund. The reason this spray works so well is because it deactivates the allergens, rendering them harmless. Average dusting and cleaning can get rid of some dander, but it won’t remove the allergens in the air.

When you’re using the spray to get rid of airborne odors, all you have to do is spray it liberally into the air. When you’re using the spray on fabric stains and odors, you should go through a couple steps for safety. First, test a small and hidden patch of the fabric to make sure the spray won’t stain it or bleach the color fastness.

Once you’ve determined that the product is safe for your fabric, spray a light and even coating onto the surface until it’s slightly damp. Then let it dry. The product is not recommended to be used on silk, leather, and other sensitive or fragile fabrics.

#3. Pledge Dust and Allergen Furniture Spray

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This offering from Pledge uses a traditional approach to getting rid of allergens. Pledge is well-known for creating cleaning materials that help to restore shine to hard surfaces and various areas of your home. The Dust and Allergen formula includes allergen trappers as part of the active ingredients.

Each can in the pack has 9.7 ounces of spray inside, with there being a total of three cans per pack. When used on hard surfaces, the Pledge spray has been shown to remove dust and a maximum of 90 percent of the total allergens found in it. It helps you dust more effectively so you can remove allergens from your environment.

In addition to removing dust and dirt from your environment, the Pledge spray adds a coating of protection to hard surfaces. It conditions them and provides a healthy shine. Unlike many other cleaning sprays on the market, the Pledge cleaner doesn’t leave behind residue, chemical buildup, or unsightly streaks.

Unlike the other two sprays on the list, the Pledge spray is only good to use on hard surfaces. It won’t work well on fabric, upholstery, or carpeting. In fact, it could damage these things. In addition, the chemicals in the spray can be toxic, so you should make sure it stays out of reach of children and pets.

The hard surfaces that the cleaner works on are varied, however. You can use it on marble, sealed wood, stainless steel, laminate, granite, leather, vinyl, and plastic. As long as it’s a hard surface that won’t be damaged by liquid and is able to be treated with cleaners, you can use the Pledge spray.

Rather than being left to dry onto a surface, the Pledge spray is meant for use when actively cleaning. You use a dusting cloth to wipe it away, and it pulls up the dirt and dander left on the surface. You can use this spray in conjunction with one of the other allergen sprays to provide long-lasting protection. On a long-term basis, the Pledge spray helps give wood and laminate a scratch-resistant layer of protection.

Final Thoughts

The Allersearch ADMS spray is among the best sprays if you want a long-lasting treatment. A 32 ounce bottle will treat about six hundred square feet, and you don’t have to re-treat surfaces for ninety days. In comparison to other leading products, which only provide protection for a week to a month, the Allersearch is far ahead of the game.

The Nature’s Miracle spray is a good bet if you want a natural allergen spray that helps to deactivate the allergen proteins in dust and dander. By permanently neutralizing the allergens, the spray helps keep you from reacting to them even if you breathe them in later. This is a vital help, especially when compared to sprays that simply weigh allergens down.

The Pledge spray is a tried-and-true option from a trusted brand. It will lend a shine to most of the hard surfaces throughout your home. However, it isn’t optimized for use on fabric, clothing, or upholstery. You also need to be careful using it around children and pets, since the spray has potentially toxic ingredients. If you’re worried about spray safety, you’ll want to go with another option.

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