Best Reusable Antiviral Face Masks

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Whether you’re a medical practitioner, buying for a medical setting, an individual concerned about your health, or anyone else worried about the spread of viruses such as Coronavirus, one thing that may interest you is antiviral masks.

These face masks are designed to filter the air and keep virus particles from spreading from person to person.

Different masks have different construction, filtration settings, and purposes. Some masks are durable and reusable, while others are disposable and can be thrown away after one use.

Best Anti viral Face Mask

FeatureNumber in PackKills VirusesReusable
#1. Curad
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#2. 3M

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#3. Vogmask

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#1. Curad Antiviral Face Mask

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Curad is a leading manufacturer of bandages, antiseptic, and other cleaning agents. The company works to help eliminate infection and illness in the general population, and their products help to promote overall healing.

The same is true of these Curad face masks. Since they’re specifically designed for antiviral purposes, they can often be found in clinical settings like hospitals and doctor’s offices.

Another thing that makes these masks good for doctor’s offices is that you can buy boxes of the masks in bulk.

The most common package has ten masks for a relatively low price. You simply fit the mask over your nose and mouth, hook the straps behind your ears, and tuck the bottom of the mask underneath your chin. When you’re done using it, the used mask is disposable and can be thrown away.

There are two main purposes that the masks serve. For people who already have a virus, wearing the mask can help keep you from infecting other people.

This is especially important in clinical settings, where other patients may have medical conditions that could cause a virus to have serious complications.

The other purpose is to protect non-infected people from surrounding individuals who do have viruses. By keeping your mouth and nose covered, you can reduce the amount of viral agents that enter your respiratory system.

Some people need masks like this to keep themselves safe, especially individuals with conditions like cancer or immunocompromisation. However, everyone can benefit from the extra hygiene. No one wants to get sick; even if you’re healthy, you’ll be miserable, and you may miss work or school.

Most masks focus on filtration. While the Curad masks do provide filtration, that’s not their main draw. The air that circulates won’t be completely filtered, since the mask doesn’t seal over your face.

Instead, the material of the Curad mask has virus-fighting properties that kill 99.99 percent of flu viruses within five minutes of surface contact.

There are also multiple other viruses that the mask has been proven highly effective against.

One concern that many people have about their masks is the hygiene of the surface. After all, if you’re coughing onto the material, won’t your viral agents coat the material?

This is a fair concern, especially since it can make mask disposal seem both gross and unsanitary. Fortunately, the Curad masks are designed to absorb wet droplets so that they’re pulled away from the surface.

This helps to keep the masks sanitized and safe to handle. Yes, even if you’re coughing up saliva, mucus, or other bodily fluids.

The infection is pulled into the material, and most infectious agents are eliminated entirely within about five minutes.

The antiviral technology in the material has been patented by Curad. Every mask utilizes ASTM High Barrier protective properties.

Each of the masks is designed to be used once. For maximum sanitation, every mask in a pack is individually wrapped.

One important note is that the antiviral agents might have a strong scent, especially right after removing the mask from the packaging.

According to the manufacturer, the odor will dissipate after the mask is exposed to the air for a little while.

#2. 3M N95 Medical Mask 1860

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This is a pack of twenty medical masks from 3M, which can be used in multiple clinical, workplace, and residential settings.

N95 masks are recommended by the FDA for helping to prevent the spread of viruses.

Every N95 mask on the market has been proven to filter at least 95 percent of particles before they reach your lungs. They also work as a backwards filter, keeping any viruses you’re carrying from entering the world.

Unlike the first mask on the list, there aren’t virus-killing agents build into the material of these masks. However, the filtration system is more refined and works better overall. The masks have straps that hook over your ears, and are designed to be one size fits all.

#3. Vogmask VMCV

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The Vogmask VMCV is the most stylish mask option on the list. While there’s only one in a pack, and the mask is the most expensive initial purchase on the list, there is an important trait that sets it apart: The Vogmask is reusable.

You never have to dispose of it or go through multiple packs and need to buy consistent replacements. Because the Vogmask is a reusable mask, the purchase is best for individuals who want a mask for frequent use.

If you want masks to hand out to multiple individuals around a household or workplace, you’re better off with disposable options.

The Vogmask comes with a number of different customization options, so you can pick the style and size that best suits your needs.

There are six total colors and patterns: black, black with a logo, rainbows, butterflies, pandas, and cool glowing cybertech.

The range of sizes is also impressive. Many other mask lines take a one-size-fits-all approach. They tend to be stretchy and fit imperfectly over people’s faces.

With the Vogmask, you have three main sizes to choose from, plus an inbetween “Medium +” size for people who fall between the medium and large sizing.

In addition to being the only reusable mask on the list, the Vogmask is also most effective at filtering out particles.

Antiviral masks like the Curad can kill viruses, but they don’t filter literally all the air you breathe.

The same is true of most disposable masks. If the mask doesn’t seal to your face, unfiltered air can slip through the cracks.

The VMCV offers protection against more than just viruses. It also filters out other airborne particles, including microscopic contaminants and pollutant.

The mask is fitted with an exhalation valve. When it’s sealed to your face, all the air you breathe is filtered, but CO2 and moisture can exit the mask without letting contaminated air in.

The ear loops and trim are constructed with spandex instead of latex, so it’s an ideal design for latex allergy sufferers.

Every Vogmask includes carbon filters for large particles, along with a 95 percent small particle filter. Depending on the air quality and how often the mask is used, a typical Vogmask can last for between three and six months. To extend the life of the filter, you should hand-wash the mask.

Final Thoughts

The best antiviral mask for you will vary widely depending on your specific needs. If you want disposable masks that you can use for occasional visits to hazardous environments, you might benefit from the 20 pack from 3M.

If you want an anti-viral mask that can actually kill viruses upon contact, the Curad is the one for you. And if you want a reusable mask that can be worn every day, the Vogmask is best.

The Curad face masks are specifically designed for antiviral purposes. They’re unlikely to filter out particulates that aren’t viral. In fact, the masks don’t have sealing technology to keep untainted air from flowing in or out.

However, if you’re sick, the Curad face masks are ideal because they will kill viruses before you can spread them. For this reason, Curad masks are often used in hospital settings and doctor’s offices.

The Vogmask is one of the more expensive options on the list, but that’s because of the quality and durability. Unlike flimsy paper masks, the Vogmask can be worn repeatedly.

It also has an exhalation valve that allows CO2 and moisture to leave the mask while no dirty air flows in.

If you’re living in a place that has poor air quality, or you need to filter the air because of health issues like a compromised immune system, the Vogmask is a cheaper long-term choice than disposal masks that you’ll constantly need to replace.

The 3M mask meets N95 standards, which means it’s recommended by the CDC for the prevention and containment of multiple strains of serious illness.

These include H1N1 influenza, other varying strains of the flu, bird flu, and many common viral infections that can cause complications.

It’s important to note, however, that these masks don’t typically kill viruses with their material. In addition, they aren’t rated to protect you against particulates like gases and pollutants, so people in areas with poor air quality will need a stronger mask option.

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