Best Canister Vacuum for Dog Hair

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Dog hair has a special power: it gets in everything. Your furry friends have a tendency to shed everywhere, and dog hair can get into all the crevices of your home. Fortunately, vacuum manufacturers have you covered. We’ve compared canister vacuums to find the best ones for you.

The Best 5 Canister Vacuums for Dog Hair

ProductFilter TypeMotor TypePower Cord
#1. Miele Classic
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4.5 liter filtered bag1,200 watts18 foot
#2. Kenmore

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HEPA-certiied dust freeDual motors28 foot, retractable
#3. Ovente

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HEPA-certified1,200 watts15.5 foot, retractable
#4. Bissell

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Multi-stage filtration9 amps15 foot, retractable
#5. Eureka

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Non-HEPA12 amps20 foot

Important Factors to Consider

Bagged or Bagless

Some canister vacuums come with dust bags. These fill up with all the dust and dander. When it’s time to empty the vacuum, all you have to do is remove the bag, toss it out, and put a new one in. Bags are great because they don’t release any dander back into the air, but they also need to be replaced.

Bagless vacuums use plastic containers that you empty by hand. Since the containers aren’t disposable, you don’t constantly need to buy replacements. But they do make the emptying process a little more arduous.

Suction Power

There are dozens of different types of motors on the market. You want a motor that can generate enough suction to pull up stuck-on pet hair. Weak motors won’t be able to pick up the dirt and debris that your dog leaves behind.

Some vacuums come with different suction settings that you can toggle between. This is great because it lets you clean delicate fabrics like curtains without damaging them, but you can also get a more powerful clean on thicker carpeting.

Upholstery Attachments

The best canister vacuums for dog hair will come with upholstery attachments. These brushes and hoses can be used on your couches, chairs, and mattresses to pull up the hair that’s gotten stuck deep into the cushioning.

When you’re dealing with dog hair, you definitely want a vacuum that can take care of your furniture as well as your flooring.

#1. Miele Classic C1 Dog and Cat Canister Vacuum

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The Miele Classic vacuum is a quick-stop best choice for your needs. It’s been named a top product by multiple publications and left hundreds of customers satisfied. Every feature you’d want regarding dog hair is included. The biggest potential drawback is that the Miele is a little pricier than some people may be able to afford.

Miele is a brand that’s known for making long-lasting, durable, high-quality appliances. The company designs products with strong attention to detail and a myriad of useful features. The Miele Classic Dog and Cat vacuum was designed specifically for pet owners, making it a perfect choice when you’re looking for the right vacuum for dog hair.

The 1,200 watt motor generates powerful enough suction to pull off even the most stuck-on, ground-in dog hair. If you want to restore your upholstery and carpeting to mint condition, this is the vacuum for you. There’s an included rotary selector with 6 stages, meaning that you can find perfect suction levels for both delicate fabric and tough surfaces.

Handling the vacuum is easy thanks to the 7-foot hose, swivel handle, and 18-foot power cord. You can get everywhere from the hard-to-reach nooks in your room to the corners of the ceiling. With an operating radius of about 30 feet, you won’t even need to unplug the vacuum and move it until you’ve done a good chunk of your home.

The dust bag holds 4.5 liters before it needs to be empty. With the use of AirClean 3D Efficiency technology, all your dog hair and dust is held inside the canister while the vacuum blows out clean air. Even when the bag is full, there won’t be blockage or reduced suction. You always get full power.

There’s an Active AirClean filter added that cleans the exhaust air before it’s blown into your home. Nearly one hundred percent of pollutants are removed from the air, and the filter also neutralizes odors. This means that the vacuum gets rid of the dog hair smell that may be permeating your home.

  • 1,200 watt motor provides powerful enough suction for stuck-on dog hair
  • Can choose between 6 suction methods to protect delicate fabric
  • Includes an odor-neutralizing air filter
  • 4.5-liter capacity bag won’t need to be emptied for a while
  • Comes with a dusting brush, crevice nozzle, and upholstery nozzle
  • Ergonomic comfort handle and other convenience features make maneuvering easy
  • 18-foot cord and 7-foot hose give it an operating radius of about 30 feet
  • Includes protection from static discharge and overheating
  • Handheld turbo brush lets you efficiently remove dog hair
  • One of the pricier options on the list
  • Doesn’t come with foot pedals
  • May have more features than you need to use if dog hair isn’t a big problem for you

#2. Kenmore 81614 Bagged Vacuum

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This canister vacuum comes with a motorized pet hair tool that lets you remove dog hair easily, good performance on any floor material, and strong suction capabilities. It’s easy to maneuver and versatile enough to be used throughout the home. This is a good choice if you need to get rid of dog hair but don’t have the right budget for the Miele vacuum.

The Kenmore vacuum comes with a double-motor system that creates strong suction without a high wattage. This means that it can pick up soil and pet hair that has become deeply embedded into your carpeting. The vacuum head comes with a brush roll that can dig deeply into your carpets, pulling up dirt and dust that has gotten trapped beneath the fibers.

The brush roll lets the vacuum perform adequately on everything, including high-pile carpets that some vacuums struggle with. There’s also a telescopic wand that you can use to clean all of the above-floor upholstery and walls. The handle’s suction control lets you adjust the suction level so you can vacuum your delicate fabrics and drapes without damaging them.

The cord is even longer than the Miele’s, coming in at 28 feet. Rather than needing to be rolled up, you can use the cord’s automatic retraction system to easily pack the appliance up. There’s also a HEPA filter built into the vacuum that removes almost 100 percent of harmful particles. HEPA filters are ideal for individuals with allergies to pet dander.

The vacuum’s bags have a HEPA certification, and no dust is released into the air when you empty the bags. This makes this one of the best dog hair vacuums if you have an allergy to dog hair.

Two floor nozzles are included, and you can also attach a dusting brush and crevice tool. A fourth tool is the motorized brush roll, which is specifically designed to pull up pet hair on upholstery.

  • Dual-motor technology provides strong suction for pulling up stuck-on pet hair
  • Easy to maneuver and lightweight
  • 28-foot cord can be automatically rewound for easy storage
  • Two floor nozzles and multiple attachments let you clean all surfaces with ease
  • Handle’s fingertip controls let you easily toggle between suction methods
  • Motorized pet hair tool lets you clean dog hair off all your upholstered surfaces
  • HEPA air filter and HEPA-certified bags make this great for people with dog hair allergies
  • 14-inch cleaning path is wide enough to clean large surfaces quickly
  • No dust is released into the air upon emptying
  • More affordable than higher-end vacuums
  • Materials aren’t the highest quality and may break down over time
  • Still not the cheapest vacuum on the market
  • Might flip onto the side if stored alone

#3. Ovente Bagless Canister Vacuum

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This is one of the best budget options on the market, so it’s great if you need to get rid of dog hair without breaking the bank. You get powerful suction tools, a motorized pet brush, a HEPA filter, and an easily-emptied bin that’s hygienic. This is also one of the most lightweight and compact vacuums on the list, clocking in at just 12 pounds.

There aren’t a ton of highly-advanced features, but this is the best dog hair removal canister vacuum for the price point. The materials are reliable and durable, so you won’t need to replace the vacuum for a long time. In addition, the vacuum is efficient enough to make cleaning easy.

The 1,200 watt motor is lightweight but generates enough suction to remove even the most stubborn hair. The main vacuum head includes a floor brush you can control through a foot pedal. The pedal makes switching suction settings between surfaces easy. Unfortunately, there’s no brush rolling tool included, so it may not be the most efficient choice if you have extremely thick carpeting.

Since the entire vacuum only weighs 12 pounds, you can pick it up and maneuver it easily. The heavy-duty plastic is durable enough to let you use it daily without wearing down. Rather than being made of plastic, the wand is made out of stainless steel so it won’t break. By using the wand, you can clean all the difficult-to-reach crevices of your house.

You don’t have to bend down to turn the vacuum on and off, since it comes with a step button. There’s also an automatic rewind system for the 15 foot cord. Cyclonic technology separates dust and dirt from the air, then guides the air through the vacuum’s filter. This helps keep the filter from becoming clogged, giving it a longer lifespan.

The HEPA filtration system makes it great for allergy sufferers. You can wash the filter rather than needing to consistently replace it. An indicator light tells you when the bin has reached its capacity.

One thing that sets this model apart from other budget vacuums is the included pet hair brush. It’s rare to find vacuums for this price that have specific dog hair attachments, but this one does the trick. You can use the removal tool to get rid of persistently clinging pet hair on your upholstery.

  • Only weighs 12 pounds, so it’s easy to pick up and move
  • Foot pedal lets you control it without needing to bend down
  • Best budget option for dog hair thanks to the motorized brush tool
  • Washable HEPA filter keeps replacement costs down
  • Made from durable plastic and stainless steel
  • Automatically retracting cord
  • No onboard storage bag, so you have to empty more often
  • Wand and cord are both on the shorter side
  • Handle doesn’t have an ergonomic grip

#4. BISSELL Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum

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The BISSELL vacuum is another budget option that’s great for homes with multiple dogs. It’s easy to stow and store in compact areas, and the clean the vacuum offers is powerful.

The Zing uses a 9-amp motor combined with cyclonic technology to provide powerful suction. There’s a dual-switch mode that lets you pull up embedded dog hair on your carpeting and clean the cracks in your hardwood floors. Though there isn’t a storage bag, the dustbin can hold a full 2 liters.

The integrated carrying handle makes it easy to pick up, and the entire vacuum weighs less than 10 pounds. The main clearing path is 10.1 inches, enough to clean small rooms efficiently. The Zing is compatible with most surfaces in the home, and it comes with a dusting brush and multi-surface floor tool to make cleaning easier.

  • Uses powerful suction despite weighing less than 10 pounds
  • Lowest priced vacuum on the list
  • Has an automatic cord rewinding system
  • Multi-stage filtration system cleans your exhaust air
  • Not very efficient on thick, heavy carpeting
  • Doesn’t come with any tools specifically for dog hair
  • Has a fairly short power cord
  • Doesn’t use HEPA filtration

#5. Eureka Mighty Mite

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The Eureka Mighty Mite is the most lightweight vacuum on the list, clocking in at less than 9 pounds in total. It comes with enough power to remove packed-in debris and dirt on your bare floor, though it won’t perform very well on carpeting. You can also get difficult-to-reach places like the corners of your ceiling and the spots above your carpeting.

The vacuum has a cleaning path of almost one foot, so you can efficiently take care of your flooring. There are a number of attachments including an upholstery tool, extension wand, combo brush, and crevice tool. This makes it easy to reach from the baseboards to the ceilings without needing to bend or stretch.

  • Includes easily-disposable dust bags
  • 12-amp suction motor generates significant power
  • Includes attachments that let you clean underneath furniture, in the corners, and on the ceilings without a struggle
  • Can remove dog hair from upholster
  • Lightest vacuum on the list, weighing under 9 pounds
  • 20 foot power cord gives it a large cleaning radius
  • Made for hard surfaces, so it doesn’t perform very efficiently on carpet
  • Doesn’t have a HEPA-rated filtration system, so it’s not ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Cord needs to be manually wound


If you’re looking for the best of the best in a canister vacuum for dog hair, the Miele Classic has you covered. It comes with all the features you need to clean every area of your home, and it even neutralizes dog odors.

If you don’t need all the extra features that the Miele boasts, the Kenmore is a slightly more affordable option that still takes care of your entire home. It also has a longer cord than the Miele, giving the vacuum a larger cleaning radius.

The best budget option is the Ovente, which has a powerful motor and retractable cord. The Ovente can get pet hair out of your carpets, upholstery, and hardwood floors alike.

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