Best Carpet Cleaning Method For Allergies

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What do pet dander, mold, and pollens have in common? They can all be found in your carpet. That will make cleaning your carpet challenging if you also suffer from allergies to these elements. Finding the best techniques and products for allergy sufferers to use when cleaning carpets will go a long way towards addressing these issues.

Best Cleaners For Allergy Sufferers

Product NameWet or Dry CleaningBest Used On
#1. Dyson
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Dry CleaningDirt/Odor
#2. Sebo

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Dry CleaningDirt/Stains
#3. Soniclean

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Dry CleaningDirt/Stains
#4. Reliable

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Wet CleaningDirt/Odor/Stains

Allergies And Cleaning

The trick to cleaning with allergies is to remove the contaminants without agitating your condition. That will require weekly cleaning, making many dry cleaning systems more accessable than using steam or water extraction.

Filtration is another consideration, as you want to collect what you pick up and not simply put it into the air. That can include HEPA filtration that pulls all but the smallest particles from the air.

Finally, those considering wet cleaning will want to use true steaming and not the hot water extraction used by most systems. Those cleaners can leave water behind that will grow mold that can cause breathing problems.

#1. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson employs ball technology that allows this vacuum to reach into tight spots, making it great for most rooms in the house. It also comes with a quick-release hose/wand as well as other hand tools to pick up debris on furniture or curtains.

  • This system uses a self-cleaning head as well as bin cleaning that is hands free
  • It does not use filters that need to be cleaned frequently
  • Oscilating cleaning tips move to form HEPA filtration across the head of the vacuum itself
  • As a standard vacuum, this product supports a HEPA filter system and no other real allergy design elements
  • The ball design for the head provides plenty of access but may take a while for some users to get used to

#2. SEBO Duo Dry Cleaning System

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The advantage of using this cleaner is that you will not need water. That makes set up, vacuuming, and machine clean up easy. Cleaning with dry powders also eliminates the possibility of mold growth.

  • This dry cleaner is lightweight compared to units that use water and will be easier to move around and use
  • It uses a powder cleaner to remove dirt that can be worked in by brush or by the duo cleaner itself
  • You can walk on the carpet as you work on it since there is no water being used
  • This system uses a powder cleaner that will require more work to penetrate into the carpet fibers
  • Small amounts of dry powder may remain behind in deeper carpet where it may be hard to pull completely out of

#3. Soniclean Galaxy 1150 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Large rubber wheels and lightweight frames allow you to move this unit around the house with ease. It has a hose that lets you reach up to 31-feet away from the canister as you clean.

  • An 1150 watt motor generates a lot of suction power to pull up allergens from carpet and other fabrics
  • A true HEPA filtration system will remove particles down to .03 microns, keeping air free from dander and most pollens
  • This vacuum uses a sonic technology that helps to dislodge debris from fabrics, helping to improve its cleaning power
  • Maintenance and parts will be more expensive as this product comes from Germany
  • You will have to purchase the vacuum from an authorized dealer to receive the warranty coverage

#4. Reliable Brio PRO 1000CC Steam Cleaner

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This cleaner includes a boiler tank and a water reservoir. It will be ready to go after a ten-minute heat-up cycle, providing you with water at a maximum of 320-degrees. Steam will deodorize as it cleans.

  • This machine uses water steam instead of water extraction to clean your carpets
  • All controls and meters used to monitor the system are easy to read and conveniently located
  • This package comes with a variety of attachments to make your cleaning as effective as possible
  • Steam cleaning is a process that will not be done on a weekly schedule but should be done every few months instead
  • You will encounter a larger price tag on this system when compared to most other products reviewed here

Who Has Your Carpet Covered?

For allergy suffers, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner will be the best choice for keeping their carpets clean. First off, it is a dry vacuum, so you can avoid water extraction methods that could help mold to establish in your carpet or padding. It can also be used effectively at regular intervals, making it a great choice for your weekly cleaning routine.

For allergy sufferers, the key will be the rotating heads that help to trap debris, forming HEPA type filtration without the use of filters that you would need to clean or replace. It may not produce true HEPA filtration, but it will be adequate for weekly cleaning in most homes.

This system allows you to reach into tight spaces, and it comes with components and accessories that all you to clean other fabrics in your home.

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