Best Carpet Steam Cleaner for Pet Stains

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Having a pet means risking the occasional mess. Even the most well-trained pet can have an accident if they’re sick or upset. Whether you’re dealing with old and odorous stains or fresh messes, a carpet steam cleaner can help get your home back to normal. But which are the best ones? What kinds of messes do different cleaners manage best?

The Best Carpet Steam Cleaners for Pet Stains

FeatureIncludes CleanerWeightWarranty
#1. Rug Doctor
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Yes24 pounds2 years
#2. Hoover

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No13 pounds2 years
#3. Bissell

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No13.2 pounds2 years

#1. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

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Rug Doctor is an industry leader in carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning solutions. The company prides itself on creating innovative and consumer-friendly products that make cleaning hassle-free. This upright deep carpet cleaner is a steam machine that uses advanced technology to remove stains and odors from your rugs and carpeting.

The machine uses two cross-action brushes that rotate and oscillate around each other, scrubbing every carpet fiber in a 360 degree angle. They agitate the fibers enough to shake the deeply-embedded dirt and organic matter loose, but they’re gentle enough to avoid damaging or tearing up the carpet. When the brushes are finished, the carpet is left feeling plush and soft.

When compared to other upright carpet cleaning machines with similar designs and power sources, the Rug Doctor cleaner is able to generate 75 percent more suction on average. This makes it the superior option if you’re looking for a heavyweight upright steam cleaner.

Because steam is used instead of liquid, the carpet dries much more quickly. It generally takes less than four hours after the treatment for the carpet to dry. The design incorporates two water tanks: one for clean water, and one for dirty. To empty and refill them, all you have to do is lift them from the machine, so there’s no complex assembly necessary.

The Carpet and Rug Institute has awarded this cleaner the Gold standard for cleaning performance, stating that it outperforms and cleans more deeply than comparable machines without damaging carpeting.

One of the things that makes this machine great for pet stains is the “Super Boost” mode. When you get to an area that needs extra attention, you can turn on the boost mode to release more aggressive steam and scrubbing action. This helps pull up even the toughest pet stains. It’s also great for heavily-trafficked areas, old stains of any kind, juice, wine, and coffee stains.

In addition to the main cleaner, the machine comes with a removable tool caddy. There’s also an upholstery tool that lets you gently clean more delicate surfaces like couch cushions and throw pillows. With the tool caddy, you can extend the reach to clean irregularly-shaped or difficult-to-maneuver interiors like the inside of your car, pet beds, other furniture, area rugs, and stairs.

#2. Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner

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This affordable carpet cleaner machine is a high-quality offering from Hoover. It’s available for purchase by itself, but there are also packages that come with specialized carpet cleaning solutions. When you combine carpet cleaning solution with the steam clean, you can get a deeper and more thorough clean than by using steam alone.

The PowerDash is another deep carpet cleaning machine that can tackle pet messes and stains through steam. However, it’s much lighter weight and more compact than the previous option on the list. If you want a machine that can be moved from place to place with startling ease, this is where to start.

As lightweight carpet steam cleaners go, the PowerDash outperforms most of the others in its class. When compared to similarly-built lightweight steam cleaners, the PowerDash averaged two times more total cleaning power and efficiency.

The PowerDash Pet is perfect for pet messes and for households with pets because it’s optimized for the unique challenges that pets provide. Rather than using oscillating or rotating scrubbing brushes, the PowerDash is outfitted with a cylindrical rotating brush roll. This PowerSpin roll spins over the carpet and agitates debris to loosen it. At the same time, it pulls up large obstructions like pet hair and lifts them out of the way, rather than having them get tangled inside the brushes.

The brush roll has also been treated with a coating of antimicrobial protection. This means that it can lift away bacteria, viruses, organic matter, and other germs without becoming a breeding ground for illnesses. Bacteria and other organisms can’t thrive on the bristles.

By using the power of steam cleaning and excessive heat, the machine minimizes the amount of time the carpet needs to dry. There’s a clean water capacity of half a gallon, which can go a long way when it’s being converted into steam. The lightweight design is easy to maneuver and store. While the cleaning surface area isn’t large enough to be efficient in very large homes, this is an excellent tool for small rooms and high-traffic areas.

There’s a dual tank system that keeps dirty and clean water separate. Emptying and refilling the tanks is simple. In total, the machine weighs less than thirteen pounds. It’s flexible enough to slide underneath furniture and maneuver around tight corners.

#3. Bissell Corded SpotClean Cleaner 3624

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This is the most portable carpet cleaner on the list. Rather than being shaped like an upright vacuum, this professional-grade steam cleaner employs a handheld brush attached to a tank. The tank has a handle to make carrying it from room to room even easier.

Because this design doesn’t include a large-surface cleaning head, it’s not the best option for full-room or large-surface cleaning. It is, however, the most versatile option if you want a cleaner that can tackle hard-to-reach areas and delicate surfaces. If your pet has an accident on your fragile upholstery, you want a cleaner that can take care of it right away. Otherwise the stain will haunt you.

The SpotClean comes by itself, but you can opt for packages that include additional carpet cleaning formulas. It can clean spots and stains from upholstery, stairs, carpet, and other hard-to-clean areas. There is an eight-ounce bottle of sample formula included with the default package.

In terms of weight, the SpotClean is about the same weight as the Hoover. If you’re looking for something lightweight, it’s just a matter of whether you prefer a large-surface upright cleaner or a versatile portable spot cleaner.

The flex hose extends your reach from the tank, so you can use the brush in hard-to-reach spots like area rugs, stairs, and upholstery. There’s even a stair tool included to help make cleaning your steps easier and more convenient. The other tool included is a tough stain tool, which is a vital help in cleaning up both old and fresh pet messes.

The hose is five feet long, so you probably won’t be able to reach all the way to the ceiling without some creative maneuvering. Meanwhile, the power cord is 22 feet long, allowing for a much greater range of motion. You can even take the SpotClean outside as long as it’s still connected to power.

The product includes a two year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can get it replaced or repaired should anything break. The tank’s total capacity is three-quarters of a gallon, which is a fair amount for a portable design. This is especially true given that the pressurized steam is used to treat small spots rather than clean and scrub an entire roomful of carpet.

Final Thoughts

The Rug Doctor carpet cleaner is one of the leading upright deep carpet cleaners on the market. It uses steam cleaning technology to penetrate deeply into your carpet fibers and loosen caked-on dirt and odor-causing stains. When compared to similarly-designed machines, the cleaner has 75 percent more suction. It also comes with an upholstery tool and removable tool caddy that lets you spot treat stains and clean hard-to-reach areas.

The Hoover PowerDash carpet cleaner is designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver while still providing a deep clean. It can pull up pet stains and remove materials that cause odors. Though the cleaner is sold by itself, you can also purchase it as a package alongside specialized cleaning solutions. When compared to other lightweight models, the PowerDash has double the average cleaning power. It’s great for eliminating pet stains in small spaces and high-trafficked areas.

The Bissell SpotClean is a compact and portable machine that provides one of the most heavy-duty cleans on the market. It offers professional-quality results and is often used by professional cleaning crews. Like the PowerDash, you can either purchase it alone or in a bundle with specialized cleaning solution. The SpotClean is designed to tackle small areas with stains like pet messes, but it’s not optimized for cleaning entire rooms or giant surfaces.

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