Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Dog Hair

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There are a number of benefits to a cordless stick vacuum. Cordless vacuums are easier to maneuver and more versatile in the places they can be used. Stick vacuums let you vacuum your floors and other surfaces without needing to bend down.

If you have a dog that sheds everywhere, there are cordless stick vacuums that can keep your home from being a mess. We’ve taken a look at our top 5 picks.

The Best 5 Cordless Stick Vacuums for Dog Hair

ProductRuntimeDirt Cup CapacityFiltration
#1. Tineco
Our Best Pick

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60 minutes0.6 litersHEPA, microfiber, mesh, cyclonic filter
#2. Shark MultiFLEX

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80 minutes0.33 liters2 pre-motor filters, post-motor filter
#3. Shark DuoClean

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44 minutes0.33 liters2 pre-motor filters, post-motor filter
#4. Bissell

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25 minutes0.6 litersWashable pre-motor filter
#5. Dyson

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60 minutes0.77 litersWashable HEPA filter

Important Factors to Consider


The majority of vacuum models have some kind of filtration system. The best filtration is HEPA filtration, which can filter out at least 99.97 percent of particles in the air. HEPA filters are the best for allergy sufferers.

You’ll also want to consider whether the filter will need replacing. Replacement filters add costs to the existing price.


Cordless vacuums aren’t plugged into the wall, so they have a limited amount of power. You’ll want a vacuum with a rechargeable battery. Different batteries have different charge lengths. Keep in mind that the more power you use, the more quickly your battery’s power will drain.

Suction Power

You want a vacuum that can generate enough suction to pull up the dog hair in your carpets and upholstery. If you have plush carpeting, you’ll want to prioritize high suction power and good brush tools.

Dirt Cup Capacity

The vacuum’s dirt cup can only get so full before you’ll need to empty it. If you have a high-shedding dog or multiple dogs in the house, you’ll want to get a large dirt cup so your vacuum storage doesn’t get impacted by hair.

#1. Tineco A11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Master Version

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This vacuum design comes with many of the same features you’ll find with a Dyson vacuum, but the price is significantly lower. You’ll get a HEPA-grade filter, large dirt cup, and motorized brush roll that helps pull dog hair off your upholstery and rugs.

Tineco is a division of the company Ecovacs. Ecovacs has been creating robotic vacuums for more than 20 years. The Tineco is definitely the top choice if you want a long-running, affordable cordless vacuum that can handle any kind of mess.

Tineco has created A10 and A11 stick models, both of which you can get with either Hero or Master attachments. The A11 Master model has the largest set of attachments and most overall suction power. One of the other models can serve you if you’re on a tighter budget and don’t mind sacrificing some of the attachments.

The vacuum is designed with two interchangeable batteries. Each provides a run time of 30 minutes, meaning that you can get a total of 60 minutes from a full charge. If you run the vacuum in MAX mode, the overall runtime is about 15 minutes. MAX mode greatly increases the suction power to give you a much deeper clean than you’ll get with many other vacuums on the market.

The vacuum’s power reaches 120AW, making it one of the most powerful models available when you’re looking for a lightweight and cordless option. At only 5.5 pounds, it’s easy to carry the vacuum from place to place. The vacuum does feel a little heavy due to uneven weight distribution, but it’s still very portable.

You turn the vacuum on by using a trigger switch. There’s a switch lock that keeps the power on without forcing you to hold the button down during the vacuuming experience. Though it’s not as easy to maneuver as a Dyson V8, it’s still a very manageable model.

The LED power brush can handle all types of floors, including thick carpeting. It’s great for keeping all areas of the home clean, though the brush head can be a little awkward to maneuvering. The LED lights illuminate the messes under the furniture, helping you to get a deeper clean.

The LED soft-roller brush also comes with LED lights to illuminate messes. It’s softer and less heavy-duty, making it great for pulling up large debris and taking care of your hard floors without scratching them.

There are a variety of add-on tools as well. The pet hair cleaning tool lets you pull up dog hair on your upholstery and other items. A 2-in-1 dusting brush helps you dust hard-to-reach areas. There’s also a crevice tool and mini power brush that allow a deeper clean.

All four Tineco vacuum models include these add-on tools. The A11 Master comes with a long soft crevice tool, flexible tube that can reach multiple angles, flexible extension hose, and a soft dusting brush for delicate fabrics.

The vacuum’s dirt cup is 0.6 liters, larger than many other models on the market. If you have multiple dogs that shed a lot, this dirt cup should be able to handle it. There’s also a HEPA filtration system that gets rid of almost 100 percent of particles in the air, making this vacuum great for allergy sufferers.

You also get a filter cleaning tool that deep-cleans the filter in ten seconds without needing to be rinsed. There’s no 24-hour waiting periods while your vacuum dries. In addition, you get a spare filter.

  • Huge amount of suction power and number of attachments for a moderate price
  • Runs for up to 60 minutes
  • Switch lock holds down the vacuum to keep it on
  • LED lights illuminate messes
  • Main floor brush works on hard floors, rugs, and plush carpets alike
  • Dirt cup capable of holding 0.6 liters
  • HEPA filter with 10-second cleaning tool
  • Comparatively low noise level
  • 2 year warranty
  • Doesn’t have the best weight distribution on the market
  • Sound can be high-pitched and irritating
  • Not quite as easy to maneuver as some Dyson vacuums

#2. Shark F80 MultiFlex

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The Shark F80 has a classic design and a variety of features. It’s a lightweight vacuum that can adapt to suit multiple needs. The DuoClean head allows you to clean both your carpets and hard flooring with ease. With the MultiFLEX feature, you can reach the vacuum underneath your furniture to get a deeper overall clean.

This vacuum is a new version of the most classic cordless stick vacuum on the market. In comparison to the previous version, the runtime has been doubled to 80 minutes. This makes it the longest-running cordless stick vacuum available, running longer than even Dyson vacuums that max out at 60 minutes.

The vacuum includes easily-accessible fingertip controls, LED headlights to illuminate messes, and a 5-year warranty. Five year warranties are much longer than most competing vacuums on the market. The price tag is extremely reasonable considering all the available features. So what are the drawbacks?

The dirt cup is fairly small, coming in at 0.33 liters. It’s only a little more than half the size of the cup on the previous vacuum on this list. The filtration system also isn’t HEPA certified, meaning that it’s not guaranteed to filter out almost 100 percent of particles.

The F80 reaches 80 minutes of runtime when it’s being used in the lowest suction mode. Higher suction and use of attachments brings the runtime down, but it’s still the longest on the market. The interchangeable battery structure lets you charge one battery while using the other, though it does take 3.5 hours for a battery to reach a full charge.

To make the runtime last longer, Shark decreased the suction strength. The brush still picks up dirt through its mechanics, so the vacuum still performs well. However, it may not be the best to use on high-pile carpeting.

The two suction modes are ION Power and ION Boost. The MultiFLEX design lets you fold the vacuum and move it underneath furniture without needing to bend down. All three filters in the F80 are washable. You should rinse them once in a while to make sure they don’t get clogged and restrict the suction. When the filters wear down, you may need to replace them.

The dirt cup is easily emptied, though it’s possible for dog hair to become lodged inside. If you have a high-shedding dog or more than one dog, it may become packed with hair very quickly.

In addition to the DuoClean cleaning head, the vacuum comes with two attachments. There’s an eight-inch crevice tool and an upholstery tool to help clean your furniture, delicate fabrics, and hard-to-reach places. Further adaptability requires you to purchase more tools online.

  • Two interchangeable batteries provide up to 80 minutes of runtime
  • Additional batteries can be purchased for even longer runtime
  • ION Boost lets you vacuum the toughest spots
  • Two cleaning heads in the same main vacuum
  • Good at removing dog hair from your carpeting
  • Able to reach underneath the furniture without you bending down
  • Three filters
  • Easily-emptied cup
  • LED headlights to illuminate messes
  • Fingertip controls that are easy to use
  • 5 year warranty
  • Filtration system isn’t HEPA certified
  • Dirt cup is small
  • Replacement filters and additional attachments add more costs
  • Suction power won’t provide a deep clean on high-pile carpeting

#3. Shark IonFlex DuoClean

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The IonFlex DuoClean vacuum is another ideal offering from Shark. The design is very similar to the F80, but the overall runtime is shorter and there’s stronger suction power. You also get a lower price, so it’s a good choice if you’re on a budget.

Like the F80, you get the DuoClean cleaning head and MultiFlex design, so you can clean on multiple floor surfaces and underneath your furniture. The additional suction power means that this vacuum does perform well on high-pile carpeting.

The rechargeable batteries give you a runtime of 22 minutes. You can also purchase a second battery pack, which lengthens your overall run time to 44 minutes.

Like the F80, you have LED headlights for illumination, three filters, and a five-year warranty.

There are more default attachments than you get with the F80. There’s the duster crevice tool, DuoClean brush roll, dusting brush, wide upholstery tool, and anti-allergen brush. These make the vacuum friendlier toward allergy sufferers. The upholstery tool is good for dog hair, but very thick or ground-in dog hair should be handled with the motorized pet tool from Shark, which is available for separate purchase.

  • Strong suction power
  • Good dog hair removal on multiple surfaces including plush carpeting
  • 22 minute runtime on one battery
  • Buying another battery pack increases the runtime to 44 minutes
  • Flexible enough to move under furniture without bending down
  • Three filters and a sealed filtration system
  • Fingertip controls
  • More attachments than with the F80
  • 5 year warranty
  • Doesn’t have a HEPA filter
  • Dirt cup is on the smaller side
  • Shorter runtime than much of the competition
  • Fairly heavy
  • Adding a battery pack and a motorized pet tool makes the price a little high

#4. Bissell Bolt Pet with Lithium Ion Battery

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This vacuum choice is a great option if you’re shopping on a budget. It has a basic design that includes features specifically formulated for pet owners. The vacuum provides high performance and function when cleaning the home, though it may not be the most efficient for deep cleaning.

The Bolt Pet is lightweight enough to move easily from room to room. The two-way folding handle and swivel head make maneuvering smooth and easy. By folding the vacuum in the correct way, you can maneuver it underneath furniture without bending down. You can also set the vacuum in a free-standing and compact configuration for storage.

The lithium ion battery can provide an average of 25 minutes of runtime. There’s also an extra large dirt cup, so you don’t need to interrupt your vacuuming sessions to empty it. This makes the vacuum a win for people with a lot of dog hair around their houses. The included Clean-Turn system allows you to hygienically clean the vacuum filter.

The brush roll cleaning head is designed for floors and carpeting. There are also three additional attachments. One is an advanced pet hair roll, which is optimized to pick up debris and hair that’s become embedded in your carpets and stuck to your hard floors.

Your upholstery can be cleaned by using the Pet Hair Nozzle Tool. This dislodges and lifts embedded dirt and pet hair. The crevice tool and dusting brush help to clean hard-to-reach corners and other areas, while the scooping and sweeping tool acts as a broom on your hard flooring.

  • Acts as a vacuum, broom, and duster
  • Can run for about 25 minutes on one charge
  • Extra-large dirt cup can hold a lot of pet hair, making it good for people with highly-shedding dogs
  • Folding handle lets you move under the furniture and store the vacuum compactly
  • Washable filter
  • One of the most affordable options
  • Large piles of pet hair might clog the filter
  • Crevice tool is a little narrow and may be hard to maneuver
  • Doesn’t run with two batteries at once, so the runtime is shortened

#5. Dyson V10 Absolute Cyclone

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The Dyson V10 is by far the top of the line when it comes to cordless stick vacuums, but the price tag is much higher than the competition. The marketing for this vacuum is that it’s the only one you’ll ever need. With powerful suction and up to 60 minutes of runtime, the Dyson V10 outperforms corded and cordless vacuums alike.

In comparison to the previous V8 vacuum, the V10 has stronger suction, greater power, a larger dirt cup, longer runtime, and a more effective cleaning head. You can use it for all kinds of messes in any area in the home.

The suction power reaches 150 AW, which is the most powerful suction level on the market. This is achieved by spinning the motor at 125,000 rpm. On the lowest setting, the vacuum can run for a maximum of 60 minutes. This runtime does become lower if you use the motorized tools or boost mode, but it’s still impressive for such a powerful and lightweight model.

The vacuum includes three power levels: Suction I, Suction II, and Boost. The washable filter should last a lifetime, and cyclone technology lifts the dirt away from the filter to prevent clogging. Unlike many other vacuums on the market, the Dyson’s filtration system is a true HEPA system, meaning that it’s capable of filtering out nearly one hundred percent of particles in the air.

The vacuum also has the largest dirt bin on the list, with a total size of 0.77 liters. That’s more than twice the capacity of either of the Shark vacuums. To empty the bin, all you have to do is point the cup above your trash can and pull a lever.

The vacuum weighs less than 6 pounds and has an ideal weight distribution for handling. One potential drawback is the trigger system. You need to hold down the trigger while you vacuum, which some people may find difficult. The goal of this design is to conserve power, but some people prefer a switch system.

The V10 is able to handle all types of floors, including rugs and plush carpets. There are also a number of tools that come with the vacuum. The torque cleaner head helps to clean your carpets even more thoroughly, while the soft roller head makes your hard surfaces look polished.

The mini motorized tool is a great choice for picking up pet hair on all kinds of surfaces. With the soft dusting brush, you can dust your drapes, window screens, and any other delicate fabrics.

The combination tool combines a dusting brush and crevice tool to allow you to dust your entire home. There’s also a crevice tool without the dusting brush to vacuum hard-to-reach places.

For even more versatility, you can purchase additional Dyson add-ons.

The charging dock is wall-mountable, and the battery takes about 3.5 hours to reach a full charge.

  • Strongest cordless vacuum available in terms of suction power
  • One of the longest runtimes on the market
  • Lightweight and easily maneuvered
  • Three power modes to help conserve energy and tackle tough messes
  • Attachments to help deep-clean carpets and polish floors
  • HEPA filtration makes it great for people with allergies
  • Oversized dirt bin holds a great deal of hair
  • Removing the wand turns it into a hand vacuum
  • Wall-mountable charging dock
  • Six attachments available
  • Doesn’t have an interchangeable battery, so you can’t switch batteries to prolong life
  • The most expensive option on the list
  • Wand must be removed to empty the canister
  • You have to hold down the trigger switch for the vacuum to work


The Tineco A11 Master is your best choice if you want a moderately-priced vacuum with enough attachments to handle all of your cleaning. Dyson vacuums may be more maneuverable, but they’re also much higher priced. Shark also offers a variety of good options, but they do have small dirt cups that may need frequent emptying.

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