Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Westies

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Westies are some of the cutest and most active dogs in the world. Touching one for the first time may surprise you, though. Rather than being silky and soft, a Westie coat tends to be rough to allow them to hunt underground. In addition, the coat has two layers, with a softer undercoat protected by a tougher topcoat. The topcoat repels water and shields against dirt.

Dogs with double-layered coats need attentive grooming. In the summer, the insulation from the topcoat can easily cause a Westie to overheat. A Westie should be professionally groomed a minimum of five times yearly, and you should do at-home trims and baths between sessions. If you’re planning to groom from home, you’ll need clippers that can handle the Westie’s needs.

The Best Dog Clippers for Westies

ProductNumber of SpeedsNumber of Included BladesProtection
#1. Oster A5
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21Chew-proof housing
#2. Andis UltraEdge

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21Shatter-proof housing
#3. Masterclip

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23Protective carry case

#1. Oster A5 2-Speed Grooming Clipper Including Cryogen-X 10 Blade

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This is a two-speed clipper whose powerful motor is great for dog breeds with thick, rough coats. The detachable blades can be easily changed. The clipper comes prepackaged with a #10 Oster A5 blade, and it’s also compatible with all other blades in the Oster A5 series.

The package only includes the one blade. To get a complete set of trimming blades for all areas of your Westie’s coat, you’ll need to purchase the other sizes separately. Also available for additional purchase are combing guides that teach you to groom with additional control and stability.

The clipper itself is a little less than a foot long. It’s easy to handle. Since it’s not battery-powered, you’ll need to groom your Westie near a wall outlet. This clipper is manufactured in the United States and includes a warranty for one year. You can pick from a blue or black model.

The blades are more capable of handling mats and rough coats than many competitors on the market. During the manufacturing process, each blade is put through a cryogenic test to allow a more solid hardening. This makes the blades long-lasting and durable. When you’re grooming the rough and complex coat of a Westie, you want to get blades that stand up to heavy use.

When not in use, the blades are protected by a chew-proof cover. This protects both the blades themselves and your dog’s mouth.

#2. Andis UltraEdge 2-Speed AGC2

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The Andis UltraEdge is designed to be cool and quiet. While the housing hasn’t specifically been designed to be chewproof, it is shatter-proof, so you don’t need to worry if you drop the blades or they fall off a shelf. It’s easy to detach and clean the blades. You have the option of purchasing a specialized cleaning brush alongside the original clipper.

There’s a fourteen-foot power cord, so you have a fair amount of range when deciding where to groom your Westie. It will need to be in a place that has a wall outlet, though. Multiple blades are sized to fit with the clipper, but the package only includes a number 10 blade. For the other sizes, you’ll need to make separate purchases.

The clipper’s locking switch makes grooming easy and convenient. Unlike other blades, this one won’t accidentally turn off as you shear your Westie’s fur. The overall shape of the design is meant for people with wider hands, so if you have a small hand, you might want to opt for a package that has a more appropriate grip.

The 4 x 4 blade drive increases the overall blade torque, allowing you to shear rough and tough hair with ease. Aside from brushing tufts of hair from the blade’s teeth, you don’t need to perform any maintenance before or after use. No greasing or oiling is necessary.

#3. Masterclip Westie Professional Dog Clippers

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The Masterclip option is a great choice for consumers in the UK, though United States consumers may also be able to purchase the package. Unlike the other clippers, this clipper set comes with multiple sets of blades that are specifically selected to suit a Westie’s grooming needs.

The carbon steel blades include the 5 skip, 5F, and 10F blades. You also get a full two-year warranty. Purchasers outside of the UK should be aware that if they need to replace any parts of the clipper, they will need to cover the shipping charges.

The main component of the set is the Masterclip Pedigree Pro clipper. You can buy this clipper by itself separately. As for the blades, the 10F is suited to trimming the hair around your dog’s face, back end, and feet because it cuts to 1.6 millimeters. The 5 skip and 5F blades are capable of longer cuts, leaving around 6 millimeters of hair.

The two types of available clipping blades can handle most cutting depths. These are the Skip Tooth and F blade. F blades have fully teethed rows that allow for a sharp finish, while the skip toothed blade is good for initially paring down a longer coat.

Final Thoughts

Westies require daily brushing and frequent bathing with a breed-appropriate shampoo. You should trim the dog’s hair every month or so to keep the coat from getting into their eyes and obscuring their vision. Scissors should be used for trimming facial hair, while clippers can be used on the general coat.

The Oster is easy to use and great for dogs with mats and very tough coats. The Andis is an ideal choice if you want a longer range of motion and maintenance-free blades. For a full set of Westie-specific blades, look into the Masterclip.

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