Best Dry Carpet Cleaner Powder

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While standard vacuuming can aid with keeping your carpet clean and fresh, you could find yourself needing a bit more help between regular steam cleaning. Dry carpet cleaner powders offer an alternative that may help boost regular vacuuming. Let’s consider what you should look for and take a closer look at some products you might want to consider.

Best Dry Carpet Cleaner Powder Worth Looking At

Product NameType of PackageWorking TimeBest Used On
#1. Dyson Zorb
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sealed Bag30 min.Dirt
#2. NoScents

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Capped Bottle4 HoursOdor
#3. Arm & Hammer

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Sealable Box15 min.Allergens
#4. Capture

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Sealed Canister30 min.Stains

Dry Powder Celeners Are Not All The Same

When you look at the various products available, it is important that you keep in mind that each product will excel with one type of cleaning over others. You should base your selection on the type of debris you find most in your home: Dirt, spills, or odors from pets found in well-traveled areas or along the perimeter.

#1. Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder

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Zorb has been designed by Dyson to work with vacuums to maintain a carpet’s look without leaving a film or discolorization. The main feature of its powder crystal is absorption, which will allow it to dry up areas where small spills or moisture is present.

  • This powder has been designed by a vacuum manufacturer and should work effectively without as many clogs of filters if used as directed
  • The components that make up the formula are biodegradable which will allow any powder left over to break down easier
  • The “Sponge” design of the powder should work well with helping to pull up lighter stains and moisture on short and medium carpet materials
  • Dyson has concentrated on dirt removal with this formula so it might not be as effective against stronger odors such as pet smells
  • It will have to sit longer on your carpet than other brands in order to be fully effective

#2. NonScents Carpet Odor Eliminator

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Pet owners who struggle with odors from their non-human family members will appreciate this carpet product’s ability to neutralize smells. It is natural, making it safe to use around the entire family without having to worry about skin or lung irritation.

  • This odor eliminator is made from natural ingredients that are less harmful to people and pets as it sits on your carpet
  • This product will not leave behind any type of toxic materials that can be kicked up into the air where it is used
  •  The main ingredient is chlorine derived from salt and not other chemical components
  • As an odor eliminator this product may produce limitd results when picking up dirt or absorbing moisture
  • Active ingredients in the medium will need a long time to activate and mask smells, especially tough odors

#3. Arm & Hammer Carpet And Room Allergen Reducer

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This product is easy to use, requiring that you sprinkle it on your carpet and vacuum it up. Letting it sit for longer periods of time will allow it to penetrate into deeper carpet fibers.

  • This carpet cleaner uses baking powder, a substance that is known as a good odor eliminator
  • Arm & Hammer includes anti-static components in the formula that helps break allergens free from carpet fiber, making them easier to vacuum up
  • The scent produced by this product is light, so you will not be overwhelmed by the smell during use
  • The cleaning properties of this item could require more frequent applications to remain effective
  • You will find that you might have to buy this more often than other brands as it requires more usage and greater quantities to work

#4. Capture Dry Cleaner Powder With Brush

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Capture has designed this product to aid with absorbing fresh spills, as well as work with pre-misting products to pull stains in your carpet. It helps to collect liquids that are detached from fibers and prevents them from entering the carpet material before it has a chance to set.

  • This product is designed to work in moist carpet, making it a good option for stains and spills
  • It helps to draw liquids from carpet fibers, helping to reduce mold
  • You get a brush with your purchase that helps to work the product into your carpet
  • Will need to be premisted to work effectively on heavier stains
  • Its container does not make an airtight seal and can be damaged easily

Staying Clean

If you are looking to pick the best of the four products above, the Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder might be your best option. This powder is designed as a “sponge” that will absorb or cling to particles you are trying to pick up as your vacuum.

The sponge design also works with picking up liquids more effectively than some of the others on this list. While each excels at particular tasks, including Zorb’s focus on dirt, this product will also do a fair job with liquids as well as the odors that dirt and stains can generate. Its focus on helping pick up dirt is crucial, as this will be your biggest obstacle between deeper cleaning with a steam cleaner.

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