Best Dust Mask For Mowing

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Spring and summer are among the most beautiful times of the year. The earth is blooming, the birds are singing, and the sun is shining. Unfortunately for many people, the blooming earth doesn’t agree with their immune systems. Spring in particular can bring on a fog of allergy symptoms caused by irritants like mold, pollen, dust, and dander.

This can make yard work tricky. If you have a garden, trees, or basically any flowering plants, there’s a good chance that the air outside your home is a respiratory problem waiting to happen. But that doesn’t mean you have to neglect your yard and never go outside again. There are many allergy masks that have been proven to filter and reduce allergens.

The Best Mask For Mowing With Allergies

FeatureStyleNumber in PackExhalation Valve
#1. 3M
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#2. Breathe Healthy

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#3. BeatBasic

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#1. 2 Pair 3M Lawn and Garden Respirator

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3M is one of the leading companies in the creation of respiratory technology like allergy filters, masks, and purifiers. There are many different types of 3M filtration masks. This particular one makes the top of the list because it’s specifically designed for use in your garden and lawn. The technology has been optimized to protect against common allergens outside like pollen, mold, and other growing things.

This is by far the cheapest respirator option on the list, especially considering there are two masks in a single pack. But the inexpensiveness is for a reason. Unlike the other two options on the list, these respirators are not reusable or semi-reusable. Each one can provide several hours of protection, but once you’re finished, they’re meant to be thrown away.

Because of this, you’ll need to buy several packs if you want to have enough respirators to last through the whole growing season. On the other hand, if you only intend to spend enough time in your yard to require a respirator once or twice, this may be both the cheapest and highest-quality option.

The goal of the mask is to create a filtered barrier between the outside air and your lungs. In addition to using regular cloth to cover your face, the mask uses a filtration system that has received an N95 certification. N95 masks are able to filter out at least 95 percent of the particles found in the air. They’re considered the most effective market standard.

Each of the respirators is manufactured within the United States. In addition to using them in your garden, yard, or other outdoor areas, the respirators can protect you in places with low air quality. If you’re doing projects like sanding, sawing, grinding, or insulating particles, you want to keep the dust out of your lungs.

The design is simple and traditional. It covers your nose and mouth and is secured by ear straps. The elastic of the straps allows the mask to conform to your face. Another convenient feature is the adjustable nose clip. Once you’ve molded the fabric to the shape of your nose, the mask will sit more easily against your skin. This customized fit helps to seal the mask and keep unfiltered air from slipping in.

#2. 2 Pack Breathe Healthy Honeycomb Mask

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The Honeycomb mask from Breathe Healthy is one of the most attractive market options if you’re looking for a reusable mask. The design doesn’t use any filters, so you don’t have to buy replacements. In fact, all you have to do is wash the cloth when it gets dirty. The design is durable enough to withstand hundreds of uses.

There are eight unique colors to choose from, allowing you to customize your aesthetic. Since you’re getting a pack of two, you might opt for two colors you like, or you may choose a mask for yourself and a friend or family member. Every mask is made in the United States.

The mask is made out of Honeycomb material, which is a blend of nylon and polyester and spandex that’s breathable, comfortable, and flexible. In fact, the fabric is specifically designed with athletic wear in mind. If you’re an athlete who struggles to find accommodating face masks, look no further. There’s no uncomfortable chafing, heating, or gathering of moisture. For those who partake in outdoor athletics, the mask protects well enough to shelter you from allergens.

In addition to the softness and conforming nature of the fabric, the design also has other comfort features. On hot days, you can dampen the cloth and use it to cool your face without impeding the protection technology. The mask fastens with soft ear loops made of fabric. They use an adjustable sliding scale instead of elastic, so you can create a customized fit that doesn’t chafe. Additionally, the cloth straps won’t wear down or potentially break like elastic. The inner lining wicks away moisture as you exhale and sweat.

Though the lack of filtration technology means that this isn’t an N95 product, the mask still earns its stripes. The product has undergone extensive lab testing. In lab trials, the mask was proven to filter out airborne particles down to 1.0 microns in size. It will protect you from the majority of pollen, mold, dander, dust, and other allergens in your yard. Thanks to a protective antimicrobial coating, you also don’t have to worry about organic material like bacteria and viruses growing on the mask.

An embedded nose piece can be molded to the shape of your face. This allows the mask to lay flat along your cheekbones so your glasses don’t fog when you breathe out. Unlike some other options, there’s no exhalation valve, but the moisture wicking technology takes care of most of the potential discomfort from that.

#3. BeatBasic 2-Piece Dust Respirator Mask

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This dust respirator mask has the highest quality filtration system on the list. Not only does it meet N95 standards, but it goes one step further to meet N99 standards, which means it filters more than 99 percent of pollutants in the air. You even get protection from odors and gases, which most respirators don’t address. If you live in an area with high smoke or smog levels, this is a great mask to use when mowing your lawn.

There is one unusual and important note to make about the mask’s construction. The cloth itself is durable, reusable, and should stand up to several hundred uses without a problem. However, the filters are not reusable. This is an unusual design choice, as most filtered reusable masks use longer-lasting filters that require less frequent replacements.

Just be aware that you’ll need to put in a new filter every three days or so. The filter might need to be changed more often if you’re using the mask in a place with low air quality. Each package comes with four filters, so you do have a few replacements on hand.

The mask is created out of reusable and advanced cotton. According to the manufacturer, the cotton blend has a soothing effect on the skin. In addition to protecting from harmful airborne particles, the mask’s fabric helps keep the skin feeling fresh and moist.

The mask is comprised of two pieces. Each package includes the two pieces of one mask, along with the four filters.

Final Thoughts

If you want a reliable and extremely affordable respirator option, the 3M garden respirator is a great choice. Each pack comes with two masks, and they’re specifically designed for use in outdoor environments. The filtration technology has been certified and proven to meet N95 standards. Because these masks are disposable, you’ll need to buy several packs if you want to have enough to last through an entire mowing season.

For those seeking a convenient and comfortable reusable option, the Breathe Healthy mask might be right for you. It’s available in eight different colors and designs, and each mask is designed for athletic and outdoor wear. Because there aren’t any built-in filters, you don’t have to worry about replacing any parts. The cloth can simply be washed and reused hundreds of times. While the lack of filtration system means the mask doesn’t have an N95 certification, it has been lab tested and proven to protect against allergens and germs.

The BeatBasic mask is an unusual blend of reusable and disposable technology. The cloth construction itself is highly durable. You can wash and reuse it as many times as you want. However, the filter technology uses filters that only last for about three days because they aren’t reusable. Since they also can’t be washed, you’ll need to buy several replacement filters. On the bright side, the purchase does include four carbon filters, so you already have a few replacements on hand.

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