Best HEPA Air Purifier For Cat And Dog Allergies

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A HEPA air purifier is the highest quality option on the market because the filtration system removes nearly all the particles in the air. If you’re dealing with allergens like dog and cat dander, the first thing you should do is look for HEPA purifiers. But with so many HEPA options on the market, which one is actually right for your needs?

The Best HEPA Air Purifiers for Pet Dander and Hair

FeatureHEPA FilterAmount of Space CoveredAdditional Filters
#1. Alen T500
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Yes500 square feetOdorCell filter, ionizer
#2. Alen BreatheSmart

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Yes1100 square feetExtra HEPA filter, pet odor eliminator
#3. Austin Air

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Yes1500 square feetPre-filter, activated carbon filter, zeolite and potassium iodide filtration

#1. Alen T500 Antibacterial Black Air Purifier

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Alen is known for making energy-efficient and powerful air purifiers. In fact, some of the company’s designs have been created by NASA airflow technicians. This air purifier is the most affordable option on the list, especially considering it covers up to 500 square feet. Most large rooms can be accommodated.

One of the big selling points of the design is how compact it is. Since the filtration system is shaped like a tower instead of a box, the base of the product is small. You can set it on your desk, counter, or tucked away in a corner without taking up too much space. It’s also portable enough to move from room to room at your leisure.

Alen air purifiers come with a lifetime warranty. Should the purifier break down, you have a manufacturer’s guarantee that you can either get a replacement or a repair free of charge.

When the purifier runs at its highest speed, it takes only thirty minutes to clean 500 square feet of space. Compared to other tower purifier designs, the Alen purifier was up to sixty-three percent more efficient than the competition.

The purifier uses a HEPA filtration system, which is proven to remove at least 99.97 percent of particles in the air. Not only will it get rid of dog and cat allergens, but it will also remove chemicals, light odors, bacteria, mold, pollen, dust, and other common allergens.

The design comes in white or black paneling, so you can choose the one that best matches your home decor. Also included in the design is an optional ionizer. You can use it in tandem with the HEPA filter or leave it off. The ionizer has received an Ozone Safe certification from the California Air Resources Board. It can be turned on or off at any time should you prefer not to utilize the technology.

#2. AlenBreathe Smart Classic Fur Family SmartBundle

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The BreatheSmart Classic air purifier is another industry-leading option from Alen. It tends to be significantly more expensive because it offers a much wider range of coverage. The purifier can filter up to 1,100 square feet of air at a time, making it great for spaces with open floor plans, open basements, or other large areas.

The Fur Family SmartBundle uses the same basic technology that makes up the classic BreatheSmart design, but it also adds features that specialize in removing pet allergens from the air. The BreatheSmart purifier was designed by NASA technicians and is one of the most efficient and powerful air purifiers on the market.

In addition to residential areas like basements and open floors, the purifier is recommended for use in large master bedrooms, game rooms, large living rooms, in-law suites, open offices, finished garages, and open workshops.

The HEPA filtration system is one of the best on the market. Not only do you get the original HEPA filter, but you also get a spare filter. There are four different types of HEPA filter that Alen offers, with each being optimized for a slightly different issue. You shouldn’t have to replace the filters for 9 to 12 months with the filter running constantly, though highly polluted areas might require faster replacement.

Because this is such a powerful purifier with a huge range of coverage, it does tend to use more power than more compact designs. It may eat into your power bill and carbon footprint, though it shouldn’t do so significantly

The design comes with an optional ionizer that can be turned on or off with the touch of a button. There’s also an indicator light regarding your filter life, so you know exactly when it’s time to get a replacement. An automatic shutoff timer with three settings is available. Though the design uses lights to help with visibility, you can turn them off to conserve power.

Unlike the previous option, this filter comes with an air quality sensor. It constantly monitors the surrounding air and detects allergens. If you run the purifier on automatic, the machine will use the sensor readings to adjust its speed for maximum efficiency.

The model is a little more clunky and unwieldy than other options on the market, but it does have a handle to make lifting and moving it easy. There is integrated WhisperMax technology that cuts the typical noise of operation in half, allowing the purifier to function as a gentle white noise machine.

A HEPA Pure filter will likely be the first priority for people who suffer from pet allergies. This filter meets all the HEPA quality standards and has additional protection against dust, pollen, and dander. The pre-filter system traps large dirt and fur particles to extend the life of the main filter.

The HEPA Silver filter is a great one to use in combination with the Pure option. It has additional layers of protection that can handle the majority of potential lung irritants including light odors, bacteria, mold, and mildew.

If your dog is on the smellier side, though, and the interior of your home tends to be odorous, you might want to check out the HEPA Odorcell. It comes with molecular powder that traps odors more effectively and thoroughly than the typical filter options.

#3. Austin Air HealthMate Plus Air Purifier

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Austin Air is one of the industry leaders in air purification technology. The company creates air purifiers that have been utilized in natural disasters and areas with significant chemical and air pollution. This particular model uses medical-grade filtration to reduce noxious gases, harmful chemicals, and formaldehyde in the air.

It’s one of the most heavy-duty air purifiers on the market. If you’re just looking for a run-of-the-mill purifier option, this product will be significantly more advanced and expensive than what you need. But if you want a large-coverage air purifier that works well enough to remove allergen, chemicals, and several serious pollutants that other filtration systems leave behind, this is the choice for you.

The HealthMate purifier has the largest range of coverage on the list, able to purify air in a whopping 1,500 square feet. In addition to offering air quality protection for people living near wildfires, the design is great for individuals in polluted cities, individuals living near busy highways, and individuals who have significant chemical or allergen sensitivities.

The HEPA filtration system will remove the majority of dander and pet hair from the air. In addition, there are more than 780 total cubic inches of activated carbon. Activated carbon shields help remove large particles from the air and neutralize odors, making this a great choice for open and smelly places like animal shelters. The carbon shield also has zeolite and potassium iodide filtration, which means it can filter out chemicals and gases others leave behind.

Final Thoughts

The Alen T500 air purifier is one of the best options on the market if you’re purifying air in an average residential area. Since it can cover up to 500 square feet, most rooms and even open floor plans are easily covered. There’s a lifetime warranty, a compact and efficient design, and an antibacterial coating. 500 square feet of air can be purified in just thirty minutes.

If you need an air purifier that can handle a larger area, the BreatheSmart is capable of managing up to 1,100 square feet at a time. It’s a great choice for open spaces, basements, office floor plans, and any other wide-open area. The SmartBundle comes with two HEPA-grade filters specifically designed to remove pet dander and hair from the environment.

The Austin Air model has the largest amount of coverage on the list. It uses true medical-grade HEPA filtration and even has additional filters that get rid of chemicals that other air purifiers leave behind. Austin Air is known for creating high-quality purifiers that can help with air quality in highly polluted areas. With up to 1,500 square feet of coverage, this purifier would work fantastically in open settings like animal shelters.

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