Best Steam Cleaner For Carpet

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As long as you use the right cleaning solution, a carpet cleaner can help you refresh and soften your carpet. Different cleaners come with different designs, though. The one that’s best for you will vary depending on your needs.

For example, you might want a lightweight and portable cleaner, and not mind if you have to refill the tank often. Meanwhile, someone else may want a heavy-duty cleaner with a giant tank that rarely needs refilling.

The Best Carpet Steam Cleaning Machines

FeatureStyleAmount of Included CleanerWarranty
#1. ProHeat
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Our Best Pick

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Upright8 ounces3 years
#2. Big Green

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Professional24 ounces5 years
#3. Rug Doctor

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Upright24 ounces5 years

#1. Bissell ProHeat 2X Lift-Off Carpet Cleaner

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This carpet cleaner is one of the most popular options on the market because of its power and versatility. Rather than being optimized for one specific purpose, the cleaner can take on many jobs that you might have in an average household. As an upright system, you can easily push the cleaner along your carpet. But the machine can also function as a removable spot cleaner to treat stubborn stains that a quick shampoo won’t fix.

The goal of the cleaner is to provide a thorough and deep clean to the carpeting, as well as to refresh the fibers so that they’re softer and more pleasant to walk on. You can use the machine as a detachable and portable stain cleaner or as an upright shampooer.

The portable cleaner is ideal for any number of life’s more specific messes. If your pet had an accident in the car, you can use the portable cleaner for that. The same is true of cleaning stains and pet problems on your stairs, upholstery, hard-to-reach corners, and any other difficult areas that you may find your fabric needing stain removal action.

Meanwhile, the upright carpet cleaner is ideal for doing a fast and efficient cleaning of an entire room, apartment, or house. As the machine is pushed over the carpet, two rows of brushes move against each other to agitate dirt that’s sunk deeply into the carpet fibers. At the same time, the machine uses patented heating technology to keep the water at a consistent temperature throughout the cleaning process.

It’s also easy to use other Bissell cleaners and accessories with the design. You can use Bissell’s antibacterial cleaner formula to get rid of odors, stains, and potentially infectious bacteria. The cleaner comes with an EasyFill System that works with any Bissell accessories. Also part of the cleaning process is the pressurized spray of water, which dislodges dirt after the brushes loosen it.

The package includes an eight-ounce sample bottle of Bissell’s professional-grade carpet shampoo.

#2. Bissell Big Green Machine Professional-Quality Carpet Cleaner

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This is another high-quality carpet cleaner from Bissell. However, the design has been optimized to prioritize slightly different things. While you might buy this as an individual wanting to clean a single home, the ideal consumer is a professional cleaner. The Big Green Machine has many design features that increase convenience and efficiency, helping professional cleaning teams stay ahead of the game.

The cleaning machine has also been referred to as a carpet extractor. It uses powerful scrubbing and shampooing techniques to loosen and remove more dirt than a vacuum can manage. The clean is accomplished through a combination of extra-large power brush technology, high-powered motors, and consistently powerful suction.

Some carpet cleaners keep all the water in one tank, letting it get progressively dirtier. This leads to an uneven clean, since you’re just pushing dirty water back into your carpets as you go. Bissell has rectified this problem by creating this design with both a clean water and dirty water tank. Emptying the dirty water tank is easy, and the dual setup means you don’t have to make as many trips to your sink.

The Big Green Machine is designed for use in residential spaces and offices. Because it’s geared toward professionals, the construction materials are of the highest durability and quality available. It’s expected that the machine will be used for multiple hours over multiple days on a weekly basis. Less durable cleaning machines would break down too easily under that much use.

When you purchase this cleaner, the package comes with a complementary bottle of deep cleaning solution. The professional solution also includes stain guarding protection, which fortifies your carpets for the future.

Many of the machine’s best features are in its efficiency. The brushes loosen more dirt and clean more quickly because they continue cleaning on both forward and backward passes, rather than just forward ones. In addition, the spray is pressurized and calculated so that it dries more quickly than most competing commercial brands.

The upright cleaner itself is great for efficiently and effectively cleaning huge swaths of carpet. But the machine also comes with a nine-foot hose that allows you to reach into crevices and difficult spaces as you go. There’s also an included tough stain tool, which you can use to aggressively scrub super tough spots. Since the tough stain tool is just six inches in width, it can be used on your upholstery and stairs as well.

The cleaner includes a five year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Should anything break down or be defective, you should be able to get the machine repaired or replaced.

#3. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

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The Mighty Pro X3 from Rug Doctor is one of the pricier carpet cleaning options on the market. However, it’s also one of the most effective and versatile. Because of the number of attachments and accessories, this is the best choice if you have a number of small areas, throw rugs, car seats, upholstery cushions, or tough stains that need special attention.

One thing that sets this cleaner apart from the competition is the use of triple-action brushes. Many other designs use dual brushes that agitate carpet fibers. But the Mighty Pro brings agitation to another level. The brush begins by vibrating against the carpet fibers to dislodge long-buried particles of dirt. Then it lifts the dislodged dirt away and fluffs the carpet fiber left behind.

Since there are 75 percent more brush bristles, the overall efficiency is higher. Your carpet will feel softer under your feet and look both refreshed and clean.

The Mighty Pro has a larger tank capacity than much of the competition. It’s capable of carrying 3.9 gallons of water at once. The more water in your tank, the more surface area you can cover before you need to refill and empty again. Overall, you’ll get a more efficient clean and have to deal with less hassle.

The included Upholstery Kit is a real winner. While the other cleaners on the list have basic upholstery tools, the Mighty Pro really focuses on different stain and cushion cleaning needs. One crucial part of the kit is the Universal Hand Tool. This functions like a small, hand-held carpet and fabric cleaner. Though the tool is miniature, it generates the same level of suction as the main machine.

The other key component of the kit is the twelve-foot hose. When you apply this attachment, you can clean difficult areas like your car interior, boat, RV, other vehicle, or stairs.

The Mighty Pro comes highly recommended by several professional institutions. In fact, the Carpet and Rug Institute awarded the machine the highest possible rating regarding gentleness on the carpet, water removal, and total soil removal.

Final Thoughts

If you want a quality carpet cleaner that’s versatile enough to meet most household needs, the Bissell ProHeat is a good place to start. It uses two-in-one cleaning technology to remove stains through spot treatment and then deep-clean away the caked-in dirt. The dual brushes and pressurized spray help to loosen the dirt without harming your carpet fibers, and the machine is efficient enough that cleaning is a breeze.

If you’re a professional who’s looking for the best professional cleaning machine, you want the Big Green Machine from Bissell. This professional-grade carpet cleaner has been created from high quality and very durable materials. You also get a bottle of effective cleaner with the package. The goal of the cleaner is to work as efficiently as possible, which means that it cleans faster, dries faster, and lets you cover more surface area before needing to unload the water.

The Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine is a great choice if you want a more versatile option. This cleaner has tools and accessories that can help you deep clean areas that traditional carpet cleaners wouldn’t be able to reach. It comes with a hose set and universal hand tool so that you can clean your stairs, car seats, upholstery, and other delicate fabrics. In addition, the package comes with both a bottle of spot and stain remover and a bottle of professional oxy.

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