Best Air Purifier For Dog Allergies

best air purifier for dog allergies

While you might enjoy your dog’s company, you probably do not enjoy the allergies associated with it. If you suffer from pet allergies an air purifier can help to make a problematic situation bearable.

But what model is the best air purifier for dog allergies? The information provided below will help you to determine what features to look for and we have also included a closer look at five designs that may help with your situation.

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Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Dog Hair

best cordless stick vacuum for dog hair

There are a number of benefits to a cordless stick vacuum. Cordless vacuums are easier to maneuver and more versatile in the places they can be used. Stick vacuums let you vacuum your floors and other surfaces without needing to bend down.

If you have a dog that sheds everywhere, there are cordless stick vacuums that can keep your home from being a mess. We’ve taken a look at our top 5 picks.

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Best Carpet Cleaner Machine for Dog Pee Smell and Stains

best carpet steamer for dog urine and stains

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but they can also be messy. Many dog owners know the struggle of getting pee out of their furniture and carpeting after their untrained puppy or sick dog marks the territory.

Using the right carpet cleaning machine can save a ton of mess, fuss, and hassle. We’ve compared some of the best ones on the market.

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Best Enzyme Cleaners for Dog Urine

best enzyme cleaners for dog urine

Getting dog urine out of your carpeting can be a struggle. If you don’t pull up the entire stain, your house will start to smell as soon as it gets warm. An enzyme cleaner can break down the particles that cause odors, eliminating the small. When the reaction is finished, the resulting ammonia and carbon dioxide evaporate into the air. It’s like the stain was never there.

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Best Carpet Cleaner for Dog Vomit

best carpet cleaner for dog vomit

Much like dog feces and dog urine, dog vomit is difficult to remove from rugs and carpeting. Even if you pull up the worst of it when it’s still fresh, there will likely be stains and odor left behind. Without the right carpet cleaner, you’ll struggle to remove the stain and may cover up the odor with air fresheners.

But things don’t have to be this way! There are carpet cleaners that can erase both odors and stains from dog vomit.

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Best Brooms for Sweeping Dog Hair

best brooms for sweeping dog hair

Are you constantly seeing fur floating through the air in front of you? Do your black shirts look white because of the shedding? Do you remember what color your couch used to be? Do you frequently pick long dog hairs out of your coffee cup in the morning?

If your kitchen and other hardwood floors have accumulated a lot of dog hair and dirt, they need to be swept. Mopping is good, but sweeping prior to mopping helps get a more thorough clean. What brooms will gather up the tumbleweeds instead of leaving them to drift?

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