Best Area Rugs for Dog Owners

best area rugs for dog owners

Picking the right area rug is more than an aesthetic choice. True, you should take into account the color and pattern. But you should also be aware of the other purposes the rug can serve.

An area rug is a great place for your dog to curl up and get comfortable. It can also protect hardwood floors and carpeting from your dog’s nails, pet accidents, and dog hair. But if you’re a dog owner, you want to be sure that the area rug you purchase is strong enough to stand up to a dog’s claws and shedding.

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Best Tent for 2 People and a Dog

best tent for 2 adults and a dog

When you’re planning to invest in a tent, you want to make sure it will meet your needs. If you go camping or backpacking with another person and a dog, you’ll need to look for a tent that can fit all three of you and your luggage. The size you need will vary depending on the size of your dog. A three-person tent should have enough room to suit two humans and dogs of nearly any size.

The weather also has an impact on the type of tent. Some tents are specifically designed to resist extreme temperatures, while others are made to be used only in mild climates. Weight matters; if you’re going to be carrying the tent over long distances, you need something lightweight and compact.

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Best Couches for Dog Owners

best couches for dog owners

When you choose your furniture, you have to keep the needs — and habits — of your furry friends in mind. Dogs shed everywhere, and their nails tend to tear through fabric even when they’re short. There has to be a way to get comfortable couches that won’t be torn to pieces by your puppy or older dog.

Fortunately, polyester isn’t your only option. There are a variety of fabrics and couch designs that can suit your needs.

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Best Vacuum for Removing Dog Hair from Your Couch

best vacuum for dog hair on couch

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility that requires lots of love, patience and hard work. You feed them, give them clean, fresh water, take them for walks and regular visits to the Vet. And you make sure they live and play in a clean, safe environment.

That brings us to the thing that frustrates us the most about having a dog, and that is the constant battle of cleaning up dog hair. You regularly bathe and groom them, but still that dog hair seems to find its way onto your clothes, floors and furniture.

What you need is a helper, a helper in the form of a vacuum cleaner made specifically for removing dog hair from your couch and other surfaces in your home. Here are a handful of our top picks.

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Best Camera For Dog Photography

best camera for dog photography

Capturing the essence of a dog can be done with the right techniques and camera. The problem is figuring out which camera is going to give you the best portraits.

There may be times when a pet stands still or poses, but the reality is you’ll likely have to use the speed of your camera and natural ability to take a good dog portrait. This is part of the reason why the camera you choose needs to be an action and a portrait camera.

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Best Sofa Covers for Dog Hair

best couch covers for dog hair

Sofa covers (AKA slipcovers) are essential if your dog spends a lot of time on your sofa. If you own a dog, your home will contain a lot of hair and dander. The hair and dander will be present even if you clean every day, it’s just a fact of dog ownership. One of the places where those allergens tend to collect is your sofa.

If you have had a dog in your home for multiple years, your sofa is probably holding hair and dander inside it out of reach of your vacuum cleaner’s crevice tool.

If your dog sits on one part of your sofa every day, that small part can easily contain more dander than the fur that is actually on your dog’s body. Use any of the sofa covers below to protect your furniture and prevent allergic reactions.

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