Best Air Freshener for Dog Smell

best air freshener for dog smell

Cleaning up after pets can be an arduous task. Dogs in particular have a distinctive smell that can easily permeate everything. Dog smell can cling to the hair on the furniture, and odors become even stronger if your dog pees or poops inside the house. An air freshener is a good idea to take care of smell in a pinch. With that said, you should try to pair an air freshener with a deodorizing cleaner so that you aren’t just covering up the scent.

One important thing to note is that veterinarians say you should avoid aerosol sprays and products with heavy chemicals. There are also certain essential oils that can be toxic to dogs and other animals you may have at home. For this reason, it’s better to lean toward odor neutralizing bags than sprays. If you do purchase sprays, they should be formulated to spot clean pet messes rather than be sprayed into the air around your home.

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Best Couches for Dog Owners

best couches for dog owners

When you choose your furniture, you have to keep the needs — and habits — of your furry friends in mind. Dogs shed everywhere, and their nails tend to tear through fabric even when they’re short. There has to be a way to get comfortable couches that won’t be torn to pieces by your puppy or older dog.

Fortunately, polyester isn’t your only option. There are a variety of fabrics and couch designs that can suit your needs.

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Best Camera For Dog Photography

best camera for dog photography

Capturing the essence of a dog can be done with the right techniques and camera. The problem is figuring out which camera is going to give you the best portraits.

There may be times when a pet stands still or poses, but the reality is you’ll likely have to use the speed of your camera and natural ability to take a good dog portrait. This is part of the reason why the camera you choose needs to be an action and a portrait camera.

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Best Sofa Covers for Dog Hair

best couch covers for dog hair

Sofa covers (AKA slipcovers) are essential if your dog spends a lot of time on your sofa. If you own a dog, your home will contain a lot of hair and dander. The hair and dander will be present even if you clean every day, it’s just a fact of dog ownership. One of the places where those allergens tend to collect is your sofa.

If you have had a dog in your home for multiple years, your sofa is probably holding hair and dander inside it out of reach of your vacuum cleaner’s crevice tool.

If your dog sits on one part of your sofa every day, that small part can easily contain more dander than the fur that is actually on your dog’s body. Use any of the sofa covers below to protect your furniture and prevent allergic reactions.

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Best Air Purifier For Allergies And Asthma Sufferers

best air purifier for allergies and asthma

Having allergies can make you feel like you’re suffering and drained all the time, especially if you have asthma on top of that. When you’re at home or at the office, one thing that might help is an air purifier. Look for purifiers with HEPA filtration systems, since these are the gold standard of allergen reduction.

We have some options to get you started.

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Best Air Purifier for Multiple Chemical Sensitivies (MCS)

best air purifier for chemical sensitivity

Over the past few decades, doctors have identified an increasing trend in illness and sensitivity among people all over the world. It’s directly related to the rising levels of chemicals and noxious fumes in the air we breathe. People who fall ill due to chemical exposure are said to have multiple chemical sensitivity, or MCS. Depending on the case, MCS can be anything from annoying to chronic and debilitating.

One of the first ways to combat MCS is by getting an air purifier. But many mainstream air purifiers don’t handle substances like gases and noxious fumes, which are too difficult to differentiate from air.

Fortunately, that’s not the case for every model. We have a few picks for options that can help.

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Best Anti Allergen Sprays For Furniture and House

best anti allergen spray

If allergies make you suffer, one of the best things you can do is get an anti-allergen spray to use around the house. This especially goes for people with pets they’re allergic to. Pet dander gets everywhere, whether you confine your pet to one space or not. You’ll find it in the air, on your floors, in your bedding, and sometimes even in your food.

An allergen spray is a cleaning spray that helps to tackle the problems posed by allergens. Even if you don’t have a pet, this type of spray can be vital during the spring and summer. If pollen and other allergens give you hay fever when the buds start to bloom outside, you want your house to be a safe haven from the nose itching and eye watering.

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Best Sun Cream and Lotion for Polymorphic Light Eruption

best cream and lotion for sun allergy

One of the hardest things to deal with is a sun allergy. Depending on the severity of your reaction, the sun may range from unpleasant to actively dangerous. And during the summer and sunny days, exposure can be debilitating. You might feel like you have to choose between living your life and living without skin damage.

But that’s not true. There are a number of sunscreens developed specifically for individuals with sun allergies. These sunscreens can protect you against UVA rays, which are the deeply-penetrating rays that cause the allergic reactions in the first place.

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